Corporate Yoga & Meditation


Support your employees’ health and wellbeing whilst increasing your organization productivity

Our experienced, qualified and insured instructors offer corporate yoga and/or meditation classes in Sydney Metropolitan, Sydney Inner West, Upper North Shore and the Northern Beaches. Classes and courses can be offered at a time most convenient to your organization and employees’ schedules – before work, lunch, after work or within standard working hours.

Our work, home and family lives can be so full that we can easily get lost or caught up in the day-to-day busyness of our lives, all of which can leave us to experience stress and/or mental over-load.  We can then start to disconnect from our bodies, get drained from the reduced quality of our thoughts and/or constant mental activity, and accumulate in our bodies the tension from our days. We then most likely start to lose the enjoyment, engagement and productivity at work, and in life in general.

 The debilitating effects of stress in the workplace, including increasing illness and absenteeism and decreased productivity is costing companies and our economy immensely.

Offering corporate yoga or corporate meditation classes is a simple and efficient way to support your employees’ health and wellbeing, whilst at the same time increase your business outcomes and position your organisation as an employer of choice through its commitment to its people’s health and wellbeing.

Corporate Yoga 

The yoga practice we share is about re-connecting with one-self and enjoying a simple physical workout that supports and cares for the whole body. 

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Corporate Meditation

Meditation is a tool for re-connection with self, and a simple and invaluable way to let go of the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that many of us experience at times, if not on a daily basis. 

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Class Structure and Investment

Classes can be 45, 60 or 75 minutes, as a one off or with program running from 3 to 12 weeks. A regular class or course format supports the participants to integrate into their daily life the practices shared

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Bookings and Enquiries

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"The only form of active self-healing is in the quality of one's own presence in all that you do." Serge Benhayon