Life Is Medicine Sept 11th 2016

LIFE IS MEDICINE SEPT 11th: The conversation continues…

For us at Yoga & Healing, yoga is not just something that we do once a week or even once a day on a mat as a separate practice from the rest of our lives. The true practice of yoga is about the quality in which we live and how we are with ourselves (and as a result how we are with everyone and everything) – moment to moment.

In essence our yoga classes offer the opportunity to stop, reconnect to ourselves, our body and a quality of movement that supports us to express in our fullness. This practice offers tremendous benefits to our health and well-being.

But could we go a step further and consider the possibility that the way in which we move, when in yoga (union) is actually a dose of good medicine?

Often we think of medicine as being something that we take when we are not feeling well. Could we be open to consider that good medicine is actually in the quality of every movement that we make with our body, from how we walk, talk, to how we eat, how we stand up and sit down – the list goes on. This is worth contemplating and putting to the test.

Every single movement we make has a certain energetic quality which is either healing or harming. Healing here refers to any action, movement, choice we make that allows us to deepen our self-love, express and live from the essence of who we are – with the understanding that at the root cause of any illness and disease is the separation from this essence. Harming is anything that goes against that. When we choose movements in connection, they are healing, they offer us a dose of good medicine.

In April earlier this year, modern day philosopher, author, healer and internationally renouned presenter Serge Benhayon visited Sydney presenting the first Life is Medicine  event event  to an audience of over 220 people at the Manly Pacific. Serge’s message was loud and clear:

“Good medicine is to thoroughly take care of yourself.
True medicine is to live the real and true you in full.” ~ Serge Benhayon

To find out more we encourage you to come along to the upcoming Life is Medicine event Sunday 11th September in which Serge will be deepening the conversation on what it is to live your life as medicine. This is a two-part day event ­– the morning begins with a presentation by Serge Benhayon, the afternoon provides an opportunity to experience sessions of various healing modalities that support you to develop a true and harmonious way of living that is your own living medicine.

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"The only form of active self-healing is in the quality of one's own presence in all that you do." Serge Benhayon