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Natalie Benhayon – a true role model


By Alexandra Plane and Donna Gianniotis.

When one looks into the eyes of Natalie Benhayon there is a deep and ageless wisdom that can be felt that is way beyond her 26 years.

Natalie is the founder of Esoteric Women’s Health, Women in Livingness Magazine and the Our Cycles App. On top of all of this she is a full time health practitioner of Universal Medicine modalities, international presenter and in her spare time (which is mostly in the wee hours of the morning) spearheads and is dedicated to many worldwide volunteer projects and is leading the way in women’s health.

One simply has to look at the way Natalie Benhayon moves to know that this is a woman who is truly confident, who knows who she is and is not afraid to show this to the world. She is graceful, elegant, cheeky, sassy and sexy all at the same time. A true role model for women of all ages which is reflected in that she is fully booked as a practitioner months in advance with both men and women of all ages seeking her consult and wisdom.

So how has Natalie Benhayon achieved all of this at such a young age?

Natalie will openly share in her presentations that she is not special and anyone can do what she has and more if they so choose. Natalie Benhayon lives in a way where she is connected to her body and honours it in every moment. She lives in a way that is rhythmical and in alignment with the natural cycles that are there to support us in our deepening our connection to our body if we should choose to listen. She gets her ‘self’ out of the way and connects to a much bigger picture of what is required to serve humanity.

Through her deep and innate connection with her body, her soul provides her with the energy for all there is to be done and she feels the timing of how it will all unfold. The quality of how she lives is her priority and comes first and foremost before anything that she actually does. It is the quality in which she lives that provides the foundation for everything from how she walks, eats, sleeps, works,  how she is in relationship with herself and others.

Natalie Benhayon is a remarkable young woman, yet she isn’t special. She is a true role model leading the way in women’s health, reflecting to us all that there is another way to live, a way that is deeply honouring to the body in every moment. She shows us what is possible when we too make these choices.


Natalie Benhayon offers sessions at the Universal Medicine Clinic in Goonellabah, NSW.

Alexandra Plane and Donna Gianniotis offer Yoga/Yoga TherapyMeditationEsoteric therapies and Massage at their clinic in Balmain and North Sydney.  Contact us for enquiries or bookings.

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"The only form of active self-healing is in the quality of one's own presence in all that you do." Serge Benhayon