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New 6 week Yoga & Healing course in Glebe


Donna Gianniotis will be offering a NEW 6 week Yoga and Healing in Glebe (Inner West) commencing Wednesday 20th January 2016  7 – 8pm.

In this course we explore the meaning and link between yoga and healing, nourish our body and its being with various meditation practices and gentle physical movements that support our health, well-being, growth of awareness and the development of our quality of being.

How are you and your body truly feeling? What is your level of connection with self – moment by moment? And what does this even mean? How are things going in all aspects of your life (relationships, at work, in your family, your sleep rhythm and eating patterns etc)?

In light of the already high – and still increasing – rates of exhaustion, anxiousness, illness and disease, level of tension we hold in our body in our society today, what is being reflected to us in relation to our quality of being and the quality of our everyday choices of living? Obviously something does not work.

Yoga and Healing are both very relevant today. Yoga means “Union” and refers to our natural and harmonious state of being and way of living where we hold our inward connection with ourselves and a deep quality of conscious presence in all that we do, say and think – ALL of the time. Healing is about bringing honesty and truth to all our daily choices, understanding why we make the choices that we make (being sabotaging/harmful or loving/supportive choices), discarding the layers of what we are not and choosing the source of energy we live from. As we gradually heal, our awareness expands, self-love builds in our body, and both love and harmony return to all facets of our life, bridging us to live in the beauty and simplicity of who we truly are, “in Yoga”.

This course is an opportunity to fully stop, truly nurture, deepen your connection with self and re-develop your natural ability to feel.

The course will offer the following:

  • The Gentle Breath Meditation™ and other simple meditation techniques that can easily be integrated in your everyday life
  • Gentle physical movements and exercises that look after your physical body (strengthen, stretch, coordination/balance, release muscular tension etc) – performed in a way that supports the holding of your connection with both your inner presence/essence and your body in movements
  • Body awareness and deeply rejuvenating lying down practices
  • Relevant group discussions and Q&A time

Time: Wednesday evenings 7 – 8pm

Investment: $120 for 6 weeks. Bookings are essential. For bookings and further enquiries, please contact Donna 0408 783187 or email

Venue: St Scholasticas College, 4 Avenue Rd, Glebe (Classroom just inside lower gate on Avenue Rd, 50m down from main entrance). Free, untimed parking available close to venue.

Offer yourself the time and space to with one hour a week just for you – a gentle yoga practise that is healing to be held in the central location of Glebe.

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"The only form of active self-healing is in the quality of one's own presence in all that you do." Serge Benhayon