Breast Cancer Support

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A diagnosis of breast cancer is a shock for a woman regardless of what age she may be or stage of cancer she has been diagnosed with. Her world can be turned upside in a matter of moments as she is faced with many decisons to make, appointments to attend and a myriad of information that is available that can often leave her feeling confused.

cancer-supportAt Yoga & Healing we offer women support through her diagnosis of breast cancer, through her chosen treatment and beyond. Having been through breast cancer herself, Donna Gianniotis was diagnosed at 33 and had surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy and IVF. She brings a depth of knowledge and understanding to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and has been working in cancer support for the past six years.

Our breast cancer support programs offer women the opportunity to pause and reconnect whilst supporting her physically and emotionally through her diagnosis, treatment and beyond.


Each woman’s program is tailored to the individual needs and can incorporate:

The bodywork therapies support women physically as well as emotionally going through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and are complementary to medicine. For some therapies clearance may be required from your doctor or oncologist.

We offer Breast Cancer support sessions at the North Sydney and Cammeray clinics and also via Skype.

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I first saw Donna a couple of days after my first round of chemo. I was in a lot of pain at that stage and very tired. After my initial treatment with Donna I was feeling a lot more energised and the pain was gone within 36 hours. I continued to see Donna fortnightly throughout my 4 rounds of chemo and my 6 weeks of radiation. The pain never returned and I got through both chemo and radiation surprisingly well. I actually had no side effects from radiation at all. Donna was a great support for me whilst I was going through the difficult process. Thank-you!! ~ GK

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