Remedial Massage

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The benefits of Remedial Massage are widely known in that it assists with releasing muscular tension, tightness in the body, helps to alleviate stress and can also be used in a remedial setting to support the body to heal a particular injury or condition.

With remedial massage, the delivery of the treatment is often based on treating specific soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Our treatments are customised based on what you present in your body. We offer a full body assessment followed by a treatment program using Deep Tissue, Remedial and Sports Massage techniques where applicable. Other techniques used in treatment include trigger point therapy, stretching and joint loosening. 

We assess and listen to your body each time you have a treatment to ensure that we are delivering a treatment program that will support your body to heal. We also work at customising a program that includes not only massage but also home care advice which often consists of a progressive program that will support you in your own environment with bringing your body back to true health.

MassageTreatments are for one hour including a pre and post assessment to assess the effectiveness of the massage. As a client, you are fully draped/covered with towels whilst on the massage table and only the area that is being massaged is exposed at any one time ensuring your privacy, warmth and comfort.

For specific illnesses and injuries, please ask for your Doctor’s consent before booking an appointment.


*Health rebates are available with Donna at the Cammeray clinic.

*excludes Medibank and HCF.

For Appointment Bookings please contact us

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"The only form of active self-healing is in the quality of one's own presence in all that you do." Serge Benhayon