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True Movement classes – moving your body with purpose and ease


By Beverley Carter.

Picture this – a room full of people moving to the beats of Glorious Music with an intent of moving gracefully with and in connection to their body, with big smiles on their faces, feeling joyful. Now this is a fun way to spend an hour enjoying moving your body at a True Movement class with Beverly Carter.

True Movement classes are a low impact way to move and exercise your body.

Why True Movement?

These classes are unlike any other forms of traditional exercise classes because they offer an opportunity to change unhealthy patterns of movement in the body by bringing forth its natural fluidity and grace.

Every movement has been consciously and deliberately put together to support you to reconnect to your body and to move with purpose, ease and grace.  And guess what? This can be so much fun!

What makes True Movement different from other forms of fitness/exercise classes is that every low impact move has been consciously and deliberately put together to support your body to move with purpose, ease and grace. No special ‘active wear’ is required just comfortable clothing that allows your body to be able to move freely. From the very beginning of the session participants are encouraged to feel and connect to their body and this is the basis of everything within the class.

“Only when connection is felt can we bring forth our own individual expression to movement.”

So no ‘body’ will look the same even though they are all following the same movement, so it feels freeing to let go of those old memories and beliefs of the past.

True Movement classes build fitness, co-ordination and confidence.

Be open –True Movement

  • To feel connected to your body
  • To move the body from this connection
  • Explore your true expression
  • To break free of traditional exercise memories
  • Be challenged by some movements
  • To feel flowing and free in other movements
  • Leave the class feeling joyful

What people say

This is my second class of True Movement with Bev and can I just say – wow. Bev is lively and fun! After the class my body feels energised and alive, without soreness or stiffness. Kate

I just simply love the True Movement classes with Bev – she has
a wonderful ability of nurturing a space of deep support, care and at the same time, fun – now that is totally amazing!  Also, the movements with the music seem to encourage shifts in the body, which feel really re-energizing and healing.  I am looking forward to enjoying more True Movement classes for years to come.  🙂 Jane

True Movement programs are held regularly by Beverly Carter at Evolve College, Level 1, 183 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction. Click here for information and for upcoming True Movement classes.

Article written by Beverly Carter.

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"The only form of active self-healing is in the quality of one's own presence in all that you do." Serge Benhayon