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Women in Livingness event – Sydney


On Sunday 3rd August we attended the first Women in Livingness event that was held in Sydney. Over 120 women gathered together in the beautiful venue of Miramare Gardens in Terrey Hills to take a day out of our busy city lives to explore the theme of the day – Our Expression as Women – Are we Truly Honouring Ourselves.

As we all know, city living can be hard going. After all is it not true that to catch up with our friends, (socially) we need to make an appointment at least a few weeks in advance because our diaries are so busy! What is this reflecting in how fast pace our lives are today?

Throughout the day and with the expression of various presenters on different topics we  explored how to apply “stop” moments into our day so that we can explore a deeper connection with ourselves and create more spaciousness from within. In reality there is always going to be plenty to do, it’s the how we go about it and the quality of our connection with ourselves being the most important. We explored how can we honour ourselves in all that we do from mothering, to the food we eat, our expression and communication within our relationships to how we are as women at work.

An evident theme that was interwoven throughout all the presentations was exploring our “hurts” and the importance of allowing ourselves to stop and feel these, as they prevent us from deepening our connection.

Natalie Benhayon was on fire (when is she not?) as MC and presenter and took us after a yummy lunch through “Sacred Movement” which is movement to a Glorious Music track that honours the sacredness that we hold within as a woman. Although the room felt a little apprehensive at first, the energy soon changed as the women began to lighten up and enjoy their own connection and beauty that they were feeling  from within as the movements were explored with grace and ease.

The Sydney Women in Livingness event was hosted by Esoteric Women’s Health – a collaboration of complementary health practitioners who work cohesively for the benefit of true care and support in the area of women’s health. Women in Livingness events are currently presented in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


  1. Victoria Carter
    Victoria Carter08-04-2014

    Thanks for your post on this Women in Livingness event held in Sydney Donna.

    Wherever we live, the moments of ‘stop’ and inner-connection are in my books absolutely vital to our true wellbeing. Living at a ‘pace’ that is not natural to ourselves can occur anywhere, can’t it…
    Beautiful to hear how so many women were presented with what was undoubtedly a poignant, wonderful and truly supportive day.

    with love,

  2. Kate Burns
    Kate Burns08-04-2014

    What a great event this sound like Donna. The theme is oh so relevant to our current lives, I can really relate, and I don’t even live in a city! I love that ‘we explored how we can honour ourselves in all that we do’ – these are the conversations we as women everywhere need to be having. Fabulous ladies, great to hear.

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"The only form of active self-healing is in the quality of one's own presence in all that you do." Serge Benhayon