We offer private meditation classes at our Balmain – Sydney Inner West or North Sydney clinic as well as offering classes and courses where we come to your home or work place.

Meditation is a tool for re-connection with self

A formal meditation practise is like a full stop that we can implement in our day to bring ourselves back to a point where we can be present in our body and focussed in our mind – in all that we do.

Meditation doesn’t need to be something that we do as a formal practise for hours each day. A short practise long enough for us to re-establish a connection with ourselves or deepen that connection is all that is needed. Then it is about holding that connection with ourselves and the resulting quality of being and awareness we have developed in all that we do.

Where the real meditation begins, is when we take the quality of connection with self developed in a formal practise into all our day to day activities

What we offer – Meditation class format

As part of our classes – group or private -, we offer discussion and suggestions as to how to develop your own personal meditation practise from a formal practise into your livingness – i.e in all your day to day activities.

We offer private meditation classes in the format of either seated (in chairs) or lying down practise, as either a stand alone meditation class or they can be incorporated as part of a yoga class.

Our meditation classes can be attended in our Balmain – Sydney Inner West Clinic, North Sydney clinic or we can come to you – your home or work place. A meditation class would usually run for 45min – 1hour and include both discussion and a practice.

Investment & Appointment booking

Your investment for a 1 hr session in our Balmain clinic  or North Sydney clinic is $100 or we can travel to you. When coming to you, our rates depend on the distance and time required to travel. Contact Us → for a quote.  Our preferred method of appointment is a phone call or a phone message.

Our Free Body Awareness Meditation

This is a simple 13 minute body awareness meditation that is accessible to all people. This meditation can be done in a lying down position and offers you the opportunity to deeply rest and reconnect with your body. This meditation helps to develop conscious presence – that is having the mind with the body.

For more information on Meditation: read our blogs What is Meditation? and How to Meditate? , and visit the Meditation Sphere of Unimed Living at

The way we share meditation is based on our livingness of meditation and inspired by the work and teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

"The only form of active self-healing is in the quality of one's own presence in all that you do." Serge Benhayon