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Pregnancy is a unique time for a woman marked with many significant changes happening within her body and her life. 

If a woman chooses to, she has the opportunity to stop and connect with the amazingness of what is taking place.  As a woman learns to develop her own inner connection with herself via a gentle and nurturing way of being, she is then able to connect more deeply with the growing baby inside her and the changes taking place at each stage of her pregnancy.

Our prenatal yoga classes focus on supporting the pregnant woman to develop a true honoring relationship with herself first, and from there naturally with her baby – both during pregnancy and beyond

Living a pregnancy is a natural process for a woman’s body. As the pregnant woman reconnects with herself and her body, she becomes in tune and learns to listen to the constant communication from her body (feelings, sensations, emotions etc) and can feel empowered by the wisdom of her body. From there she is then able to let go of fears and tensions and embrace her pregnancy in full.

In surrender, the body knows – what to eat, when to rest, how to breathe in the various stages of labour etc

Benefits of our prenatal classes include:

  • Provide the space to slow down, re-connect, nurture and self-care, and honor the constant transformations that are taking place – both within your body and your life
  • Support and care for your pregnant body with gentle physical exercises adapted to you and the various stages of your pregnancy
  • Develop a deeper bonding with your growing baby
  • Support for birth and motherhood

We offer private prenatal sessions in two different formats:

  • A regular one-on-one practice
  • Develop a personal (home) practice for you to do on your own


Your investment is $100 for a 1 hour private prenatal session when offered in our Balmain (Sydney Inner West) clinic.  When coming to you, our rates depend on the distance and time required to travel.

Appointment booking

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"The only form of active self-healing is in the quality of one's own presence in all that you do." Serge Benhayon