Yoga & Meditation for Cancer Support

cancer-support-4A diagnosis of cancer is a challenging time for the individual as well as their family and friends. Quick decisions often need to be made around surgery and post-operative treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy.  Yoga and meditation can offer great supportive tools when going through and beyond these times.

What is Yoga & Meditation for cancer support?

Yoga & Meditation for cancer support sessions offer a various array of tools, techniques and gentle physical exercises to provide support to cancer patients and people living with cancer whilst they go through the physical and emotional challenges that they are faced with during a diagnosis, the treatment phases and the life thereafter cancer. 

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We customize our sessions and offer to provide support to their family, friends, or primary carers who may join the yoga & meditation sessions at times, or set up their own. We also offer specific Breast Cancer support programs. Click here to read more on breast cancer support programs. Yoga & Meditation can become an integral part of an overall healing program for cancer alongside Western medicine.

Our practitioners’ personal experiences with cancer

Donna Gianniotis 

Having been through a diagnosis and treatment of cancer herself in 2008, Donna has personally experienced the benefits of a continued, adapted yoga and meditation practice through the year of treatment that she had for breast cancer. She is now passionate about sharing her expertise in this field with you. Read more in her blogs Understanding the Root Cause of Breast CancerMy Reflections – 5 years on from Breast Cancer , Top 5 Tips for Supporting you through Chemotherapy, Tips for self-nurturing during and beyond breast cancer and Yoga for Breast Cancer.

Alexandra Plane

Alexandra started to get more intimately involved with the disease back in 2004 when her father and then her step-mother were diagnosed with cancer. She can see how a true and individualized yoga & meditation practice can deeply support people living with the disease, as well as their family members or carers.

Our approach with Yoga & Meditation for cancer support

We recommend individual private sessions for people going through or living with cancer* where we can develop a practice adapted for the individual specific needs, and that can be done in the comfort of their own home.

We also offer Esoteric Healing → and Connective Tissue Therapy →sessions for those wanting to complement their yoga/meditation program and conventional treatments with this  complementary medicine therapy.

It can be valuable for the primary support person to attend or participate to some sessions, or separately have their own. These sessions can be held at the individual home or at our Balmain and North Sydney clinic. Attendance to our Group Yoga Classes →may also be possible. Please enquire further.

*Clearance from a medical practitioner is required prior to start a yoga & meditation practice.

Cancer support workshops for Yoga Teachers

Donna has run several Yoga Teacher Training for Cancer Support workshops and is available for Yoga Teacher Training programs.


"The only form of active self-healing is in the quality of one's own presence in all that you do." Serge Benhayon