I’ve been going to Donna’s gentle yoga classes for a year. Prior to that I was seeing Donna as a client in her Esoteric Healing Practitioner work. I found her yoga classes to be a cross-over from her treatment sessions for me. Regularly going to her yoga classes I find the space to feel how my body responds to the week’s effort, and it helps me check in with my personal journey. The tranquility I find in being in the space with Donna’s teaching is such a help to allowing me check in with my body, I feel I can go deeper. My husband too has joined me in Donna’s yoga classes. I feel really glad for him that he is choosing to care for himself in this way. Not straight away, but over the gentle time we have both been going to Donna’s classes, I feel the beauty of sharing this activity. After being at yoga class together, I feel more truth, honesty, joy and love between us as a result of both of us daring to feel what we feel. Thank you Donna.