Client Testimonials

Some sharings from our clients at Yoga & Healing. Enjoy reading their testimonials and appreciation of working with us …

Stanley Giang

I have seen Donna a few times now for a remedial massage for a few sporting injuries. Her service has been first class and is extremely friendly and effective. She has helped me overcome and heal up very quickly and she has given me great advice as well. I would strongly recommend Donna for all things healing related.

Stanley Giang

Victoria Picone

Donna’s online exercise classes are a joy to take part in, with a focus on alignment and the honouring of ones own body before we move.  Donna brings a wealth of experience with a light joyful approach from her  relationship and connection with her own body. Always encouraging one to listen to ones own body and what feels most supportive on any given day.  With a mix of cardio and core work, building strength and stretching the programs available cover all aspects and can be revisited within the program.

Megan, Teacher

Donna is a lifesaver! She supported me every step of the way last year when I underwent treatment for cancer. She is a wonderful healer and I always felt so much better after I had seen her. After chemotherapy, she released the toxins and restored my energy levels. The connective tissue therapy really helped stop the neuropathy from progressing. My doctors often commented that they thought I was getting through the treatment remarkably well and after speaking to other patients, my recovery has been amazing. The hardest thing about going through cancer is dealing with the anxiety and Donna is such a good listener and her advice and wisdom truly helped me to get through it all with an open heart and mind. Thanks for everything Donna – I couldn’t have done it without you!


Fiona Plascott

I just wanted to connect and say a big Thank You for the experience of the 2019 January 5 day yoga intensive. I loved it and through the five day experience, I am now seeking to develop and build a deepening connection with myself and reconnect to the loveliness that is me!
I have also been making time to do the meditations and yoga on your website.
Looking forward to your next online yoga class / course!
Fiona Plascott

Angie Cowan, Love, Life & Gluten Free

Donna heals on a level of complete heart. This space allows me a deep, restorative and profound healing.

Angie Cowan


I value the professionalism and skill that Alex brings to the therapeutic setting across the modalities she offers. I have sought support over many years from a wide variety of complementary modalities from different practitioners. Alex’ support is holistic and second to none in its effectiveness and precision. The professionalism, care and integrity I encountered with Alex are unmatched elsewhere in the market.


Eric Bugeja, GHD

Thanks for a great Corporate Meditation program, it has provided me with a different perspective on meditation and how to informally incorporate meditation into my everyday life. Donna and Alex presented the sessions well and were able to provide an interactive and practical experience.

Eric B.


I first met Donna on a recommendation by a close friend as I faced an IVF journey that wasn’t going all that well. Her support genuinely helped me and I have no doubt enabled far better IVF outcomes for me. Her role deepened as my partner passed away from a long standing illness and I embarked on trying to find my peace in life. I can truly say Donna’s support, gentleness and insightful approach has moved me profoundly and allowed me insights, peace and real joy as I have moved – and am still moving – through some enormous transitions. I really believe anyone can benefit from spending some time with Donna and allowing her to assist you.


Melanie, Health Information Manager

Alex’s classes are always a joy to attend. Held in the lunch hour in the workplace they definitely ‘add value’ to the overall well-being of participants. For those of us sitting at desks most of the day – we all know we are supposed to do our regular stretches but this does not always happen as it should…. The yoga class at work has many benefits: we come together, we relax, we stretch, we are strengthened and we are revitalized.

Health Information Manager

S.J – Registered Nurse, Midwife

Donna’s philosophy and aura of gentleness follows me throughout my days long after I’ve left the yoga mat, gently reminding me to ‘feel, don’t think’.  Her classes have become almost a ‘life support system’ during my ‘chemo-journey’ and will continue during the recovery process and beyond…

Registered Nurse - Midwife


I have been Alexandra’s client for the last 10 months. In that time, I have undergone a massive transformation in the negative patterns and behaviours that were the norm for me. Alexandra is beautifully connected to the inner promptings of her soul, as well as being fully versed in a variety of healing modalities, to deliver powerful sessions that offered true, wholistic healing for me. Alexandra’s uncompromising purity, wisdom and generosity are the basis on which discussions and body work took place. I am without a doubt a healthier, more self-loving and more self-empowered version of myself because of this incredible woman. HIGHLY recommended!


Lynne Hamman

Donna creates a non- judgmental and welcoming space in her classes for people of all abilities. I find the classes gentle and nurturing yet surprisingly strengthening. I never leave Donna’s classes feeling anything but relaxed and peaceful.

Lynne Hamman

Alexis Stewart, Yoga teacher and disability worker

I have been seeing Alexandra for a couple of years now. In that time I have received regular esoteric healing and connective tissue therapy sessions. Alexandra has a divine touch and an incredibly incredible intuitive ability to sense what is needed. Alexandra ‘s clarity is astounding and although at times her ability to feel exactly what is going on has been difficult for me, I know that it has been pivotal in my growth. Through her constant dedication to unearthing what is true I am learning to do the same in my life. I am indebted to Alex for continually empowering others by sharing all that she knows.

Alexis S.
Yoga instructor and disability worker

Paul Von Bergen, Director/Owner Billabong Retreat

Donna is an inspiring yoga teacher with a great level of personal experience and extensive learned knowledge that she applies in a gentle and nurturing manner to all her students. She has been running retreats for us at Billabong Retreat now for two years and is a always reliable, warm and caring.

Paul Von Bergen
Director - Owner Billabong Retreat

Sue Rutledge

Adding Donna’s online exercise classes to my exercise routine of yoga and walking has really helped with my overall fitness. Working my body that little bit extra in a different way is appropriate for me, I love it.

Marian Rudeforth

Thank you Donna and Alex, the introduction in your newsletters seems to be becoming a life-changing healing for me …

In your newsletter “the gift of Appreciation”, the self-appreciation buddy texting has transformed my inner dialogue and feeling about myself, as I have introduced that regular activity into my life …

And in new year newsletter “New Beginning” , in your sentence “we wish you to make endless self-loving and loving choices for this new year cycle”, the words “endless self-loving and loving choices” has struck a chord, in that I realise that the belief of only being able to take / or being allowed a certain amount of love, is obstructing me from making, feeling and being self loving in every moment and every breath endlessly!

Deepest thanks and appreciation to you all once again.

Marian Rudeforth

Cameron Martin, Producer

I was introduced to Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy by Alexandra Plane over 2 years ago. This subtle technique has been incredibly supportive, but even more so, following a heavy fall which fractured my sacrum. The accident not only damaged the bone, but caused extensive soft tissue damage. After a series of regular treatments, the associated pain magically vanished. This modality is completely non invasive and the movements so gentle that I usually fall into a deep sleep, but when I’m awake again, the effects are truly profound.

Cameron Martin


The yoga classes with Donna yoga are like I have never experienced before. The focus is upon connecting back to what is happening within your body, beyond physical symptoms but also feelings and learning to honor those sensations during the tender practise.
I would recommend her classes to any beginner, advanced yogi as well as anyone who would just let to be better connected to themselves in a gentle and easy way.


Lu Sierra

There are rare moments in life when you come across someone who you feel has an innate wisdom and a perception that is beyond ordinary. Meeting Alex one-on-one for the first time was such an encounter for me, and I continue to be in awe of the clarity with which she can discern truths about living and about my self that always surprises and delights me. She has a compassion and empathy that have moved me to tears at times, and I very much value the fact that she never pretends to ‘heal’ others from some god-given gift only she possesses. Instead, she provides a physical as well as an emotional space in which we are better placed to find our way back ourselves to our own essence and to what our own body is telling us, so that individual reconnection becomes an ongoing personal journey of self-discovery. Every moment spent with Alex is rich and rewarding, and I am deeply grateful for all she has shared and continues to share with me.

Lu Sierra

D.M Red Cross

I have been enjoying Donna’s class at work for a year and look forward to the sessions which always leave me feeling relaxed and ready to face the world.  Donna’s approach is very calming and I feel totally safe and secure in her hands.



I have learnt more at Donna’s classes in the last 6 months than I have learnt in a lifetime of yoga. You leave Donna’s classes feeling calmer and more energised it has an effect on your life and your families.  If you have the opportunity to experience one of Donna’s classes you are very lucky indeed.


Elizabeth V.E

Imagine this: a busy week behind you and another one ahead. Our lives are filled with being busy. Then for an hour and a bit, you enter a calm and tranquil space where you can be with yourself, away from the noise of life. With the soft chatter of birds and little kids in the park outside, the soothing voice of Alexandra will guide you into a place of quiet reflection and gentle movement, and you will come away feeling restored, refreshed and serene. After a while, that serenity begins to filter into the rest of your life, and you find you can approach it with greater calmness. My Tuesdays are special. Gentle yoga means a more gentle and tranquil you.

Elizabeth V.E

A.C. Registered Nurse

Alexandra Plane is a superb yoga instructor that has helped to take away my joint pain without any strain and in such a relaxing way. Feel the benefit of the experience. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Registered Nurse

Jacqui, GHD

Alexandra was a fantastic teacher and passed on some simple but very effective meditation techniques that had an immediate benefit for me at work to improve my focus and reduce stress, it also led to improved quality of sleep.   It is amazing that such simple practices can lead to noticeable change.  Thank you Alexandra for your support and knowledge.


Tonya Ferrao, physiotherapist

Alexandra’s meditation sessions and treatments have been invaluable. My exhausting self-judgmental existence soon became easier, smoother and more trusting. I felt supported and understood in a comforting environment. Alexandra has helped me discover a few simple tools that support me to nourish, understand and trust myself. Life is easier, freer and more open now, in both good and turbulent times.


Nadia K.

An incredible modality. I am someone who suffers with chronic inflammation due to a condition that effects my spine and nervous system. This can create quite a bit of tension, emotionally and physically because of the uncomfortableness and pain i can often get. Esoteric connective tissue therapy sessions with Alex supported my body to surrender, eased any pain i was experiencing, and noticeable reduced the inflammation. The distinction between how i felt at the beginning and how i felt at the end was very clear. My body felt alive and i felt like me again.


Matthew Nolan

Connective Tissue Therapy is a most gentle treatment that brings the pulse of the lymphatic system into a harmonious alignment with the vast network of connective tissue within our body. I have enjoyed the benefits of this modality over the last twelve months, the results being an increase in my general well-being and a clearer connection to myself. Donna is so skilled in delivering this beautiful therapy.

Matthew Nolan
SunSuper - Head of Property


Alexandra is a practitioner of exceptionally high energetic integrity. Alexandra ‘s commitment and dedication to constantly provide the highest energetic quality is felt in everything that she does. Alex is a woman who displays incredible clarity and is able to support others with her loving intention to support them in their healing. I, myself, have received the most incredible support from Alex, support that has enabled me to make great changes in my life.



I had a series of Chakra-puncture sessions with Alex to support with sleeplessness, fatigue and anxiety I was experiencing at the time. I found the sessions incredibly supportive, not only on a physical level to support with calming my nervous system down and rebuilding my energy levels, but I also found the advice she gave incredible helpful in getting me to look at the choices that I had been making and how they were impacting me. With her loving guidance, I was able to come back to me and my body and feel so much better for it.


Cameron Martin, Producer

Alexandra’s unique combination of skills along with her genuine caring nature makes a massage with her a truly restorative experience.
I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone.

Cameron Martin

AJ Peterson, Physiotherapist

As a physiotherapist I have worked with Donna for a couple of years and have found her to have great integrity, professionalism and a generous heart. She has given me massage and Connective Tissue Therapy on numerous occasions. Every time I come away feeling rejuvenated and cleared of toxic energies. She is a beautiful person and I would whole heartedly recommend her to any one.


AJ Peterson


Hi Alexandra – My daughter really enjoyed her session with you. She describes how she feels as if she has been “reset, like if I had gone down to the bottom of the staircase and I could go straight back up again”. Thank you!  —

Hi Alexandra, I just wanted to let you know that E. finished her last HSC exam today. Although she felt she was “ok” to not have another appointment in the last couple of weeks as a 17 year old would say, she benefited greatly from the two sessions with you, she told me. It also has given her awareness of your practice, and crucially a greater awareness of her own body and internal tension.

Her responses to her exams, since your sessions, greatly contrasted to the tension during her trials. Thanks again, no doubt we’ll return at some point.

Spontaneous texts from client


I have been taking private yoga classes with Donna and I just want to say that I have never made a more important commitment in my life. Donna is so thorough and I am in awe of how I am learning to connect with my body, physically, mentally and spiritually as well as how to actually apply this to my everyday routine and my new lifestyle in general. I couldn’t have done it alone and I am so grateful that I found Donna. I had started yoga elsewhere but was not getting the same connection like I do with Donna or was intimidated by group classes and not being able to keep up with the class. I cannot recommend Donna’s classes highly enough – they are life changing.


Sophie Harrington, Marketing

I have been attending Yoga & Healing yoga classes with Alex for over a year now at St Scolasticas (Glebe). It is a wonderful class that truly helps me to unwind, relax, connect with my body and live life day to day in a more connected and happy way.

The grounds of St Scolasticas are beautiful – very green and many classes are often to the natural soundtrack of bird song.

Alex is a fantastic teacher who is not only very competent as a teacher, she seems to have the knack of giving each class exactly what we need that particular week for our benefit. Her gentle manner is an inspiration and her friendliness sees new people welcomed like old friends into this comfortable environment of yoga practice.

I can not recommend Alex’s classes more highly, they are a truly grounding practice that enrich my body, mind and life!

Sophie Harrington

Alison Bonsor, Claims Manager

Having just weathered a second, gruelling six month round of chemotherapy, whilst maintaining a full-time job and dependent children, I was physically and emotionally exhausted and wanted to find something to slowly rebuild my general wellbeing and strength, which I have been able to do through private yoga sessions with Donna at Yoga & Healing.

Donna has a deep understanding of what it is like to live with cancer and in a few short weeks, with her relaxed, gentle manner and expertise, has helped me to learn to allow myself to acknowledge the toll it has taken on my mental and physical strength, to take time-out of my day and really focus only on what my mind and body needs, rather than constantly focussing on the wants and needs of others.

The private meditation and yoga sessions with Donna are one of the highlights of my week and have enabled me to reconnect with myself in my own time and at my own pace and really focus on the inner me. I am then able to carry on that process through the week, aided by the free meditation sessions accessible through the Yoga & Healing website.

Alison Bonsor
Claims Manager

P (Anonymous)

I am 32 and suffer from chronic pain. My chronic pain greatly affects what exercise or even regular daily activity I can do. With the superficial awareness, one tends to hold on and try to lock or shut down parts of the body, unconsciously, and that does not help – it may actually make the pain worse. It has been amazing to experience with Alex a practice based on very gentle breath and movements as it helps me to feel myself and move in a way that does not increase the pain but rather most often reduces it. Gentle exercise has shown me the value of being connected to my body and how I can choose a quality of gentleness that supports me. I can feel various muscles work and stretch out and more space in my body and that feels great. I am able to move the joints around areas where the pain is mostly concentrated, very gently in a way that not only does not add pain but rather releases it. I may never be free of pain. But with the help of such sessions, I am more accepting of my pain and I have more freedom to be with unfavorable circumstances on a day to day basis. I have learned that “bracing myself and just getting on with life” is not going to make things better in a long run. However, being respectful of my body and connecting to what is going on at a deep level may shift my problems at their roots, and hence it can bring healing to my body.


Karen Van Den Hooven

I started seeing Donna just after my 3rd cycle of chemotherapy, having had major surgery to remove cancer which had spread from my appendix (including the loss of a number of organs and hysterectomy).

Donna has been able to assist me in detoxing from the chemo, giving my kidneys and liver a much deserved flush out at each visit. This helped significantly reduce the side affects I’d experienced prior to seeing her.

She also helped me to find a deeper level of respect and love for myself by honouring me and giving space to all of the emotions I have experienced, including the feelings that I had not had the capacity to acknowledge previous to working with Donna.

I’ve found that my energy is more relaxed and feels authentically me, I’ve let go of a lot of old emotion and behaviours associated with them. Thanks Donna!

Karen Van Den Hooven


I look forward to Donna’s Cardio, Strength and Stretch class on Friday mornings. It is a gentle technique where you gain the benefit of a workout without stress or strain. 10 minutes of yoga at the end sets the tone for the rest of the day. Donna is an inspiring trainer/teacher who brings her own special touch to the class. I can’t think of a better way to start my day than looking over Warriewood Beach at sunrise.

Lesley-Anne Goodman


I have been attending Alex’s yoga class every week for over a year. I wanted to restart yoga after being involved in my 20s (many years ago) mainly because of a problem with my left shoulder, upper back and neck … and of course stress. I had been having repeated treatments with a couple of extremely experienced therapists but was stuck with a shoulder that gave a lot of pain intermittently and a lesser pain constantly. That coupled with stress and computer work made me feel unwell which is something I have been rarely used to. After just a few weeks of Alex’s yoga, encouragement, attitude and general “wholesome/wellness” help, my shoulder gave way. I could not raise my left arm above my waist frontwards, sidewards or backwards. I now have complete range of movement and along with this, I have lessened stress by using yoga continuously at my desk and even when driving to continue the benefits. Alex is obviously a committed teacher of yoga but has very special qualities and is particularly good at listening and then interpreting this into our classes. If I miss a yoga class I do not like it and have taken leave previously except for the yoga day! I am on leave overseas at present and cannot wait to get back to my yoga classes. I wish I had been able to take this class before my issues began but am very glad that I took advantage as soon as I could. Whoever has Alex has a yoga teacher is very lucky indeed.


Rachel Pickering

5 years ago I suffered extensive soft tissue injuries and nerve damage as a result of a motor vehicle accident. I was left with chronic back and neck pain that was having a major impact on my life, both emotionally and physically. For years I tried a range of treatments from physio and chiropractic, to remedial massage and acupuncture to try and manage the pain I was in, however none of these offered me anymore than just a few days relief afterwards.

I had tried every piece of ergonomic equipment, countless back support products, all at which came at a huge financial expense. At the start of 2014 I was no longer working due to my exhausted physical and mental state and felt ready to give up on ever being pain free. That’s when I came across Donna’s website! I liked the idea of yoga and natural treatment so decided to give it ago, and it was the best decision I have made!

After only a few sessions with Donna, my pain levels were at an all time low and I had an awareness of my body that had been lost since my accident. Four months on and I am back at the gym, returning to work full time and all relatively pain free! When I do feel pain or tightness, the exercises and techniques of awareness and breathing help me to manage it on my own.

Donna was a real life saver for me and her treatment helped pull me out of a cycle of disappointment and frustration with my body that had been going on for 5 years. I cannot thank her enough!

Rachel Pickering

Urvanshi, Administration Officer

I recently took advantage of the availability of yoga classes at work and have to say that a 45 minute class does wonders for me. I suffer from regular stiff neck and shoulders and yoga has helped with feeling more ‘loose’ and being able to get a decent night sleep! This in part is greatly benefited by the fact that Alexandra is obviously a very skilled yoga instructor who knows “her stuff” and is able to tailor to the class participants particular needs. I really look forward to our “yoga time” with her.

Administration Officer


I met Alex probably about three years ago. At the beginning I thought “Oh what a beautiful French lady!”. Then I realised that her beauty comes from inside. In her Yoga classes, I enjoyed very much the gentleness of her voice and the peacefulness she radiated. I then decided to book an esoteric healing session with her.

I started the journey of discovering myself. I discovered that my unhappiness was deeply rooted in my way of thinking. At first Alex helped me to feel more and think less. I then realised how disconnected I was from myself and my wife. I was able to feel my sadness, and I then realized that when I connected with this feeling I did not need to feel angry anymore. I learnt to stay with myself.

I have discovered that the source of unhappiness is when I lose this connection (with me). But I have to admit that connecting is not always too easy for me. Busy live, noisy mind, desire… I am still looking outside, even when Alex supportively keeps reminding me to look inside. Sometimes I lose myself in mental constructions, and then I crash. Gradually with Alex’s help, I have been able to bring more honesty and responsibility in all aspects of my life.


Susie Andren, Swimming Instructor

I’ve been going to Donna’s gentle yoga classes for a year. Prior to that I was seeing Donna as a client in her Esoteric Healing Practitioner work. I found her yoga classes to be a cross-over from her treatment sessions for me. Regularly going to her yoga classes I find the space to feel how my body responds to the week’s effort, and it helps me check in with my personal journey. The tranquility I find in being in the space with Donna’s teaching is such a help to allowing me check in with my body, I feel I can go deeper. My husband too has joined me in Donna’s yoga classes. I feel really glad for him that he is choosing to care for himself in this way. Not straight away, but over the gentle time we have both been going to Donna’s classes, I feel the beauty of sharing this activity. After being at yoga class together, I feel more truth, honesty, joy and love between us as a result of both of us daring to feel what we feel. Thank you Donna.

Susie Andren
Swimming Instructor

AC, Health Practitioner

My sessions with Donna were deeply profound and beautiful. Her gentle and loving nature made me feel nurtured and safe to open up about my life experiences and emotions. Donna’s wisdom and guidance helped me to look at my feelings in a completely new light and shift patterns that had been preventing the flow of love in my life. On a physical level the sessions helped me to connect more deeply with my body and clear symptoms that I had been holding on to for years. I am so grateful to have found such a beautiful healer.

Health Practitioner

Stephanie Williamson

I have been participating in Donna’s gentle yoga classes at Warriewood and I look forward to them every week. Progressively, through the classes, I am learning how to move ‘out of my head’ and to reconnect with my body in a way that means my busy mind is not always the driver of my body anymore. Increasingly, I am able to take the stillness of body and mind that I am able to experience in the classes with me into my life, so it is not about ‘doing yoga’ for an hour a week and leaving it behind to go ‘back to reality’. It is about making that connectedness my reality, and practising how to maintain it in my life from moment to moment and week to week. You can tell that Donna lives in this stillness, and the gentleness she brings to the practise is an inspiration to everyone in the class.

Stephanie Williamson

Braith Williams

I took up yoga about 10 years ago as part of a stress management program and I have worked with Donna on a weekly private class basis as my yoga teacher for the past 4 years.

Yoga has been of enormous benefit to me in managing my work life but, more importantly, I have come to realise that it has had a significant impact on how I manage myself generally. First and foremost yoga has taught me to respect my body and listen to what it is telling me.

The yoga techniques I have learned have helped me to effectively manage stress and also engage in breathing regimes to ‘un-clutter the head’ when clear thinking is required. In a nutshell, it has had a big influence on my mental resilience and capacity to recognise when I am losing focus on the matters at hand and to develop strategies to ‘be in the zone’.

I enjoy working with Donna and find that her diverse experience and knowledge, particularly in assisting healing and well being, helps me on my journey. I have no hesitation in recommending Donna to anyone looking to benefit from her yoga teachings.

Braith Williams

Robert Aney, Gym Manager – Hospital

During the six years I have known Donna she has developed a wide range of skills. Her successful approach to cancer has been quite amazing, dealing with difficulties presented with poise , dignity and a good dose of humor. Donna brings these skills to her yoga classes with care and compassion. Donna has studied a number of healing modalities and brings a wide breadth of knowledge to her chosen approach. She lives her life with love and gentleness which comes through in all that she does. Her treatments are gentle, powerful and centering at the same time.

Robert Aney
Gym Manager - Hospital

Yogi Brahmasamhara (Brahm), Zen Meditation Master

I have had the deep pleasure of knowing Yoga Teacher, Alexandra (Alex) for a number of years, both professionally and personally. In her capacity as a teacher of yoga, I am aware that she is one of the mostly highly and authentically trained teachers in the land. We have had the privilege of her being a guest teacher of yoga on many occasions to large groups of meditation students who attend our Silent Sunday retreats at The Meditation Sanctuary in Sydney. Invariably, the many comments made to me later have been that their ‘yoga experiences’ with Alex were ‘expert, gentle and joyful’. They are the very words I would use to describe Alex personally – expert, gentle and joyful. She is a rare gift to the art of yoga and those lucky enough to be taught by her can regard themselves as privileged indeed.

Yogi Brahmasamhara (Brahm)
Zen Meditation Master - The Meditation Sanctuary