Dear everyone

A joy full new year to you all! As we can all sense, the new year marks the beginning of a new cycle and as a result can often be a time of reflection for many.

We have recently completed our 6th Annual Summer Yoga Intensive that consisted of daily morning yoga classes over 5 mornings. This year, the intensive ran via Zoom rather than live due to the current Covid-19 restrictions held on the Northern Beaches.

At the completion of the intensive, one of the participants asked for ‘resetting tips’ to support her connection to her body throughout the day. We therefore felt to take the opportunity to share in this newsletter these with you all.

Top tips for a ‘stop moment’ or ‘re-setting’ that you can incorporate into your day

1. Check in with the quality of your breath

Throughout the day take pauses to check in with your breathing. What is your breathing like? Has your breathing changed due to taking on emotions or getting caught up in the busyness of your mind? Take a moment to bring your attention to your breath and reconnect. Enjoy this moment. Breathe your own breath.

2. Re-connect with your body / Check in with how your body feels
Incorporate plenty of moments during your day to stop and feel how your body feels. Whilst you sit at your desk notice if you are holding tension in certain areas of your body. As you work, interact with others or simply when you have time alone, check in as to what your body is revealing to you. Are you listening to it and what it is showing you? Deeply value the communications from your body and the growing awareness.

3. Practice and deepen observation.
Build your muscle of observation and renounce reactions. Too often we can easily slip into reactions without realising that we have (it is quite incredible how “fit” most of us have become in our ability to react). As we connect deeper with our body it becomes easier to notice when we start to react through the physical tension that we feel. Set an intent to observe the world and the actions of others. Through strengthening our muscle of observation, we develop and access understanding which allows us to respond to situations and not get caught into reactions.

4. Feel your fingertips
To maintain connection with your body and not get lost in thoughts whilst you are talking to someone, bring your attention to your fingertips and gently touch, press them to your outer thighs or rest them on a surface. We find this super useful as a tool to bring you back to your connection with your body and the natural delicateness of your essence.

5. Walk with presence
Each and every step we take has an energy that comes with it. Own the quality in which you walk in. Choose to take each step feeling your feet, your hips, your shoulders, the length in your spine and openness in your chest. Walk in and with conscious presence. Be with your body as you walk rather than in your head, giving focus to your thoughts.

And of course our favourite tools …

6. Body Awareness Meditation

Take time out daily to practice one of our free Body Awareness meditations or Gentle Breath Meditation. The daily practice supports you to develop and deepen a foundation of connection with yourself that you can then enjoy into your day.

We wish you a steady and purposeful start to 2021 and very much look forward to sharing it with you.

With love
Donna & Alexandra