We hope that for those of you currently in lockdown that you are faring well with again the changes that are required to be made.

Let’s face it, perhaps we are getting more used to change as everything does seem to constantly be changing. A great learning that we can’t be attached to anything being a certain way.

The question we would like to pose here is have we and how have we evolved in our relationship with change? Are we still playing out the same patterns of feeling nervous, anxious, stressed when we are asked to adapt or have we ‘deepened’ in our relationship with change.

And you know what?  It is okay if you are feeling those things as for many of us these are ingrained patterns or behaviours that have been with us, in our body, for a very long time.

What we would like to share with you today are ways to support you further during change. Once we have implemented these tools, they are with us for life. We can then keep applying these, consolidate them, confirm them to help out in all of the different situations in life that call us to respond to change.

It is in times of change or the unknown that we are offered the opportunity to either react to what is going on or respond in a way that allows us to grow, expand and evolve .

Reactions are fairly obvious as we can feel the tension that arises in our body when we do react (101 guide to dealing with reactions). We may walk around feeling unhappy with what we are being asked to do such as stay at home and be in lockdown. The other option we have is to respond to the change in a way where we remain open and perhaps not just remain open, but ‘deepen’.

So, what do we mean by the word ‘deepen’? It may sound a bit out there for some of you, but practically it is a simple concept.

What to ‘deepen’ means is rather than engaging in thoughts of what is going to happen next, allowing stress to creep in, getting caught up in emotions and perhaps even aligning to what can feel like mass hysteria, ‘deepenening’ means to consciously not choose those ways of being, but to make another choice.

That choice is to stay with a quality of connection that comes from your inner-most, no matter what. This becomes the focus, your primary focus, and we let go of any attachments as to how things unfold. This becomes an observing, allowing and learning.

To deepen means rather than let your attention be on and allowing yourself to be distracted, stimulated, unsettled with all that is going on outside of you, you develop a very solid connection that is inward and towards your inner-being.

And we all have an inner-being. It isn’t anything out there or special, it is innate within us all. Our inner-being is that place that we connect with and to when we allow ourselves to be still. It is our inner-heart, that divine spark that is within us all – always untainted. We often forget that it is there because we can get caught up in the roller coaster of life.

It is through our connection with our inner-being that we can, through surrender, feel ourselves and stay settled. And this settlement allows us to be in life, yet not be affected by what is going on around us.

To surrender requires us not to control life, or try and work everything out, but it calls for us to have a more tender and loving relationship with our body and allow it to guide us through life. To stay with the body and to hold a consistent awareness of operating/living life from your inner-being and make all of your movements from this place. And because it is an inner movement, it has no limits, the depth is as deep as the universe itself.

Although we may not enjoy being in lock down, we can choose to use this time wisely … and deepen.