In this blog we would like to explore a topic that is emerging a lot in our clinics at the moment, and that is people are acknowledging and awakening to their deep sensitivity. That is that they feel so much (and always have), yet often they do not know how to handle what they feel and can become overwhelmed with it all.

In truth we all are deeply sensitive, yet so often in life, our sensitivity has not been understood by others, respected and/or honoured.

How often do we hear the phrase “you are oversensitive” or “you are just too sensitive” as a negative connotation? Perhaps you were one of those children constantly being told this and therefore grew up believing that there was something wrong with you because of your sensitivity.

Too often we have not had role models that have shown us how to embrace our sensitivity, we have not been shown or taught how to express in and from the innate sensitivity that we all have. It is from there that we often react to what we feel, become disturbed, unsettled, feel un-equipped or anxious and then absorb disharmonious or poisonous energies around us that we are feeling, such as other people’s anger, frustration, stress or sadness.

Yet our sensitivity is our super power and a key aspect of our make up as human beings. Our sensitivity allows us to feel, stay tuned to what is going on around us all of the time. In a world where everything is energy, our sensitivity allows us to stay connected or reconcile with that truth. It allows us to stay connected to, or reconnect to our multi-dimentionality and the fact that there is more to us than just the physical body and what meet the eyes.

It is through our sensitivity that we can feel the depths of our essence and learn to express from the inner-most part of us.

So you can see, we should be celebrating our sensitivity, deeply honour it and nurture a way of living that allows its transparency with all others.

When we open ourselves up and live, move, walk, work and relate from our sensitivity we are honouring the depths of our inner-being and in this honouring, we remain our true selves and come to observe life and not absorb it.

What is key here is to learn to hold your connection with your body and your being whilst giving yourself permission to feel and learn not to react. You may like to read more about reactions in our past article 101 Guide to Dealing with Reactions.

When we reclaim our sensitivity as our natural way of being and our super power, our key strength and no longer see it as a fault, liability or weakness, we can start to see all of the ways, ideals and beliefs that we have used to protect it or shut it down, and that in truth, this never worked nor supported us.

The way to work with our sensitivity is to claim all that we feel and are aware of and not to shy away from this. To ‘read’ energies (feel, pick up on, recognise vibrations) that are at play, to hold steady through our connection with our body and observe what is taking place – all of the time. This is our natural way to be. Reactions are the antipode to observation, they take us away from being able to see what is playing out in front of and within us.

Learn to love and cherish your sensitivity. Living from and with our sensitivity is the key to developing deeper and more intimate relationships with ourselves and with everyone as we are not hiding from the world who we really are.

Have you noticed how powerful it is to express from your sensitivity or to interact with a person living from their sensitivity? It is a reminder to us of our essence, our natural state of being.

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