I met Alex probably about three years ago. At the beginning I thought “Oh what a beautiful French lady!”. Then I realised that her beauty comes from inside. In her Yoga classes, I enjoyed very much the gentleness of her voice and the peacefulness she radiated. I then decided to book an esoteric healing session with her.

I started the journey of discovering myself. I discovered that my unhappiness was deeply rooted in my way of thinking. At first Alex helped me to feel more and think less. I then realised how disconnected I was from myself and my wife. I was able to feel my sadness, and I then realized that when I connected with this feeling I did not need to feel angry anymore. I learnt to stay with myself.

I have discovered that the source of unhappiness is when I lose this connection (with me). But I have to admit that connecting is not always too easy for me. Busy live, noisy mind, desire… I am still looking outside, even when Alex supportively keeps reminding me to look inside. Sometimes I lose myself in mental constructions, and then I crash. Gradually with Alex’s help, I have been able to bring more honesty and responsibility in all aspects of my life.