I have been attending Alex’s yoga class every week for over a year. I wanted to restart yoga after being involved in my 20s (many years ago) mainly because of a problem with my left shoulder, upper back and neck … and of course stress. I had been having repeated treatments with a couple of extremely experienced therapists but was stuck with a shoulder that gave a lot of pain intermittently and a lesser pain constantly. That coupled with stress and computer work made me feel unwell which is something I have been rarely used to. After just a few weeks of Alex’s yoga, encouragement, attitude and general “wholesome/wellness” help, my shoulder gave way. I could not raise my left arm above my waist frontwards, sidewards or backwards. I now have complete range of movement and along with this, I have lessened stress by using yoga continuously at my desk and even when driving to continue the benefits. Alex is obviously a committed teacher of yoga but has very special qualities and is particularly good at listening and then interpreting this into our classes. If I miss a yoga class I do not like it and have taken leave previously except for the yoga day! I am on leave overseas at present and cannot wait to get back to my yoga classes. I wish I had been able to take this class before my issues began but am very glad that I took advantage as soon as I could. Whoever has Alex has a yoga teacher is very lucky indeed.