I am 32 and suffer from chronic pain. My chronic pain greatly affects what exercise or even regular daily activity I can do. With the superficial awareness, one tends to hold on and try to lock or shut down parts of the body, unconsciously, and that does not help – it may actually make the pain worse. It has been amazing to experience with Alex a practice based on very gentle breath and movements as it helps me to feel myself and move in a way that does not increase the pain but rather most often reduces it. Gentle exercise has shown me the value of being connected to my body and how I can choose a quality of gentleness that supports me. I can feel various muscles work and stretch out and more space in my body and that feels great. I am able to move the joints around areas where the pain is mostly concentrated, very gently in a way that not only does not add pain but rather releases it. I may never be free of pain. But with the help of such sessions, I am more accepting of my pain and I have more freedom to be with unfavorable circumstances on a day to day basis. I have learned that “bracing myself and just getting on with life” is not going to make things better in a long run. However, being respectful of my body and connecting to what is going on at a deep level may shift my problems at their roots, and hence it can bring healing to my body.