Welcome to Yoga and Healing
Welcome to Yoga & Healing

Our services offer a reconnection back to the body, our essence and a pathway to health and wellbeing. We are based in Sydney and we also offer online classes accessible worldwide.

Massage Therapies Sydney
Massage Therapies

Massage is a simple, yet powerful healing art. We offer Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Esoteric Massage and Relaxation Massage at our clinics in Balmain, Cammeray and on the Northern Beaches.

Esoteric Therapies Sydney
Esoteric Therapies

We offer Sacred Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy and Esoteric Massage. These therapies offer healing and complementary support to conventional treatments.

Corporate Wellbeing Yoga Massage Meditation Sydney
Corporate Wellbeing Services

Business is about people first. We offer yoga/meditation classes, corporate massage, workshops, health and wellbeing presentations on-site at your work across Sydney.

Yoga Meditation Exercise and Cancer Support Sydney
Yoga, Meditation & Exercise

We offer private yoga & meditation classes, yoga therapy, group yoga classes in Sydney's Inner West, Cammeray and on the Northern Beaches. We also offer home visits and online exercise classes accessible worldwide.

Breast Cancer Support
Breast Cancer Support

Our breast cancer support programs offer women the opportunity to pause and reconnect whilst supporting her physically and emotionally through her diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

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Our Balmain and Balgowlah clinics will be re opening from 1st June 2020.

Please read and become familiar with our COVID-19 policy when you have booked an appointment and revisit this page as we keep it updated regularly.

We offer complementary health services to support people in a return towards true health, wellbeing and the ability to make every-day self-loving choices.

The core of how we work at Yoga & Healing is from the underlying principle that true health and wellbeing stems from the energetic quality we hold in our body in everything that we do – from how we move, to what we say, to how we hold ourselves.

The re-connection with self and the body is at the core of the treatments and sessions that we offer. We consider the whole of the individual – taking into consideration the physical, emotional, mental and the energetics. We support people to see and feel equipped to address the lifestyle factors that might be contributing to their ill health condition and/or lack of wellbeing.

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Yoga & Healing Services

All the modalities we offer are gentle, non-imposing and provide a safe, nurturing space for people to stop and reconnect to their inner-most and their body. They support people to expand their awareness, re-develop their ability to understand the language of the body and tap into its natural healing ability.

Private Yoga with Alexandra Plane Sydney

Yoga & Meditation 

Massage Therapies Complementary Medicine Sydney

Massage Therapies

Corporate Wellbeing Metropolitan Sydney

Corporate Services

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy Sydney

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

Sacred Esoteric Healing

Esoteric Healing and Facial Release

Breast Cancer Support with Donna Nolan Before and After

Cancer Support 


Our purpose

“We guide people to explore how re-connecting to themselves, their body and the exquisite gentleness of their breath can lead to true health and wellbeing, understanding that the way we live our lives can be our greatest form of medicine.” ~ Alexandra & Donna, Yoga & Healing 

Articles & Events on Health & Wellbeing

Body Awareness Meditation 20 minutes

Body Awareness Meditation 20 minutes

We have had a lot of feedback from our previous Body Awareness Meditation to offer a longer version. So here it is! This is a newly recorded 20 minute Body ...
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A few of Donna's favourite stretches

A few of Donna’s favourite stretches

In this 10 minute video Donna shares with you some of her favourite stretches. When trying these stretches at home, please take care of yourself by only attempting the stretches ...
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The Gentle Breath Meditation™

The Gentle Breath Meditation™

This is a 9 minute recording of The Gentle Breath Meditation™. This meditation is a simple meditation to support you to reconnect back to a gentle quality within your body ...
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Online Meditation, Body Connection & Gentle Exercise Classes

At Yoga & Healing we offer online yoga/gentle exercise classes that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Read more about our upcoming classes.

Below is one of our free body awareness meditations that hundreds of people have found supportive and integrated into their day. This simple 13 minute meditation reconnects you to your body and develops conscious presence  – that is having the mind and the body together.

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We offer complementary health treatments and yoga sessions from our clinics in Balmain (Sydney Inner West)Northern Beaches (Balgowlah), and Cammeray (Lower North Shore).

We also offer on-site corporate wellbeing services and home visits in greater Sydney.