By Donna Nolan and Alexandra Plane.

It’s that time of year again – the “silly season”, and hasn’t it crept up?

If this time of the year usually leaves you feeling a little “out of sorts”, maybe it is time to re-imprint it this year holding your awareness, love and inner connection.

Here are our top 5 tips to support you through the festive season

1. Consider if you are overbooking yourself with social activities and work. 

Remember the world won’t fall apart if you don’t see all of your friends before Christmas. They will still be there next year! Make it about quality not quantity.

2. Develop an awareness of how much you eat and drink. 

With lots of parties and social gatherings, you may be tempted to overindulge. Remember how it feels in your body when you do over eat or drink and gently remind yourself that moderation is the key.

3. Give your body the sleep and rest it needs.

It can be tempting to spend more nights out socialising, but it is worth trying to space these out and not have too many late nights. Remember the quality of our sleep directly affects how we feel throughout the day. Is a late night worth feeling not so good for an entire day or even a few?

4. Feel into any set ideas that you may have around Christmas

– the way you think it should be and ponder, could there by another more supportive way to spend the season and celebrations? As an example, if having a big family lunch causes anxiety and stress because of the preparations, perhaps plan to go out to lunch with the family this year or for all to bring a plate to share.

5. Make this time of the year first and foremost about connection and love.

Our connection with others can truly only come when we hold a deep honouring connection with ourselves. An ongoing awareness of our morning and evening rhythms support us in our connection.

By Donna Nolan and Alexandra Plane. Contact Us