Our outer world, the environment we live in reflects our inner world.

We have been exploring of late what it feels like to create space in our physical environment ie. our home and/or office and how this affects how we feel in our body.

If we come back to “everything is energy, therefore everything is because of energy”  (Serge Benhayon), then it is common sense that as we let go of physical possessions whether that be clothes, CD’s that we no longer listen to, books that just sit and gather dust, this physical discarding reflects a shift within ourselves and brings about a sense of lightness and ease in our body.

How we set things up in our home, the way we place things, the angle in which we sit a vase, or place a table is all having an affect on how we feel all of the time. As an example, if a chair is out of place even just slightly, we can feel the affect that this has on the entire room.

The more we connect with our body in stillness and live with harmony, the more we can feel the pull towards living in alignment with a natural order which exists within the universe.  When this order is respected and honoured there is a flow in life that can be felt.

When we honour and care for our bodies this naturally leads to a deeper honouring and caring for our living environment.

It works the other way as well, the more we take care of our environment, set it up in a way where there is a flow, the more this flow supports our own inner connection and sense of being nurtured – a cycle that feeds us back.

Take stock of what space you are living in in your day-to-day life. Does the space nourish you, support you to be you in your connection or is it time to let go of things that you no longer use and are just sitting around. Or perhaps try shifting or moving your furniture to another position or look at how you set up your desk… and don’t forget a good clean too!  Feel in your body each movement and each change and have fun with it. Does your body feel expansive with the change or does it contract? Let your body be your guide.

It doesn’t need to be daunting or a big job. Simply start with one draw or piece of furniture and let the flow come from there. Have fun opening up to the feeling of space in your life, and from there within your own body.

For support with your decluttering, you may like to try one of these Decluttering courses from Simplicity Living.

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