In our last blog Quality is everything we discussed the value and purpose of bringing a quality of connection into our everyday movements and how this supports us to a deeper level in holding and developing our relationship with ourselves. In this blog, we explore this a little more and share around how our quality of movement not only affects ourselves, but how it affects others – significantly so.

We are always in relationship. Every time we have an interaction with a person, whether that is meeting, emailing or passing someone on the street – we are in relationship.

Often we can think that how we are doesn’t affect anyone else but ourselves, but live in a house or work in an office with other people for a few days and notice what plays out and what you feel daily. As an example,  we all feel it if someone in the house or at work is angry, unwell or upset. Nothing needs to be said, it can be felt.

This shows that how we feel and how we are within ourselves is always affecting everyone, that we are all connected. Each of us make up a part of a grander whole, and upon this realisation comes a RESPONSIBILITY for the quality in which we choose to live our lives daily.

What we have been exploring of late is our body language in relationship with others and how our quality of connection with ourselves changes depending upon who we meet and the type of interactions that present.

As an example, we may be able to hold our quality of connection when we are alone and go about having a merry old time enjoying this connection, but what happens when someone else comes on the scene? Does our body stay open to being in relationship with that person or does it close down, contract, harden, maybe going into protection based on past incidences of feeling hurt/misunderstood by people or because we feel that the other person is not in a good mood.

True movement, that is naturally moving our body with a quality of connection, awareness and with free expression of who we are in full, requires an evenness and full honoring of ourselves in all our movements (i.e all aspects of our life) ALL of the time – whether we are on our own or with others.

With true movement, our body language, tone of voice, gaze and our every move are naturally saying “yes” to being open, transparent and “yes” to love, connection and equalness with everyone. True movement is inspiring and non imposing to others.

True movement is healing and offers others the powerful reflection of what it means to live in one’s fullness and the fact that this is accessible to everyone.

The more the quality of our movements reflects an ongoing openness, the more we begin to feel the joy that is there to be shared with others. It feels deeply healing for all.

This month, how about deepening your awareness of how your quality of movements is – not only with yourself but with others. How about starting to observe, clock and explore when you are able to simply be you, when you open up or when you close down and go into protection or hiding. Can you bring a level of consistency across the board in all of your movements, regardless of who you are with, meet and where you are?

When you are able to hold yourself in your quality, no matter what and no matter who, there is a real beauty and powerful reflection that is felt – by you and others – that comes from living the true you, ALL of the time.


This blog was inspired by the sharings from Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon at the recent Universal Medicine retreats.

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