Commitment is a movement that confirms a constant direction towards something or someone, being a job, a partner, a project, buying a house, a dog, eating healthily, doing exercise… There is so much in life that we can commit to and so much that we can choose not to commit to!

It can be easy to let life slip away without ever fully committing or with keeping some pockets in our life that lack the ‘C’ word. This can leave us feeling a bit like we are in no man’s land, maybe waiting for a relief, something better to come along, or maybe for someone else to do “the job” for us. Interestingly we also use lack of commitment as an excuse or a means to keep us small – to not grow or evolve.

Could it be that when we leave things open ended, when we keep a foot in each camp and do not fully commit, this creates a “gap” that lies between us and the person or object. The effect of this “gap” on our health and wellbeing is considerable and worth looking at.

We have all probably experienced being in a relationship whether that be a partnership or friendship with the other person not being really fully with us, even if they say they are. How does that feel? Well… this leaves a void that can often be filled with negative thoughts, doubt and ultimately lead to a feeling of tension, distance or maybe even separation.

A lack of commitment is a drain on the body and contributes to leave us feeling tired, lethargic and/or unmotivated. With commitment comes a confirmation and a deepening of purpose which in itself gives us more energy, a bounce, a fresh lease and perspective on life.

With commitment there is no force, simply an energy that says a full hearted ‘yes’ to that which lay in front of you, no matter what, it is unwavering. True commitment actually comes from a choice to hold our quality of being, be who we truly are, no matter what, no matter when, no matter who.

Ultimately, true commitment is a commitment to love, a commitment to be love and to share this love in full everywhere with everyone.

So what stops us from committing?

Are we afraid that we could get locked into something that we could not get out of, that the word ‘commitment’ means forever? Are we afraid that we could fail, make a wrong choice or get hurt? Or could it be that we also don’t commit because we are afraid of our own power or of having an amazing life?

There are so many reasons why we can choose not to commit but ultimately lack of commitment keeps us in the same patterns, the same cycles of going around and around without anything changing.

To grow and to evolve as a person, commitment is a vital ingredient and one that should be taken with more than a pinch of salt.

Commitment is a key ingredient to a healthy life. It may not be a familiar taste for some of us, yet one that once tasted, you can’t imagine a meal without. Commitment feels great in the body, it feels solid, vital and true. It offers us the opportunity to open our arms to the grandness of what life has to offer.

How about taking stock this month on the things you fully commit to and observe how that commitment feels in your body. Then how about looking at those pockets of your life where there might be a lack of commitment and try applying the same level of enthusiasm applied to when you fully commit and see how this feels.

Could commitment be true medicine?

Have a go exploring committing deeper to various aspects of your life and see what transpires. As usual we would love to hear from you.

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