Have you noticed that we are in relationships ALL of the time? And have you realised that the quality of the relationships we have with others is a direct reflection of how we are with ourselves?

Relationship issues affect us all – men, women and children – and are everywhere – at home, at work, on the roads etc -, and blaming others for the relationship problems we experience is a common thing we do.

What if we stopped wanting and looking for changes to happen in others to fix or better our relationships, and rather started with where it can only truly start, that is looking at the quality of the relationship that we have with ourselves?

What we have discovered for ourselves and in our lives is that as we develop, deepen, heal and take responsibility in our relationship with self, then so too do all our relationships with others can change and be imprinted with more honesty, open communication and harmony – rather than needs or fears.

This year’s upcoming Women in Livingness event in Sydney is a Relationship Workshop that will be held on the 19th July. This workshop offers women the opportunity to expand their understanding of relationships, including those with family, intimate partners, friends and work colleagues. It offers pathways for breaking down the ideals, beliefs and misconceptions that hinder the loving relationships we all desire.

We very much looking forward to this event. To book your place at the Women In Livingness One-Day Workshop on Sunday 19th July go to www.esotericwomenshealth.com/sydney

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