In this article we are discussing and exploring the concept of ‘healing’. So what actually is healing?

When we talk about healing, we are not referring to some miraculous recovery from an illness, or taking a magic pill and all of our woes go away. Healing as we refer to it here, in our yoga classes and in the context of our esoteric therapy sessions, is about getting to the bottom of the underlying root cause of what is going on for us in our body or with those thought patterns, reactions or behaviours that we know are not conducive to our health and wellbeing.

Healing is not about reducing the symptoms of an illness or disease, nor about making a situation or a reaction more manageable. There are many quick “fixes” and a myriad of “solutions” offered out there these days but healing is not about fixing or temporarily relieving either.

Healing, in its true meaning, is about bringing honesty and truth to what is coming up to the surface and clearing what is underneath the manifesting issues/symptoms so that these issues/symptoms are not repeated (fuelled) anymore.

So how do we go about true healing? Here are some simple steps.

1) Put your HONESTY cap on

Be honest about what is there in the body, the mind and what might currently be going on in your life (relationship wise, at work, sleep rhythm, eating patterns etc). It is easy for us to put on a happy face and say it’s all OK, but really, is it? With honesty comes a surrender and an openness to the truth of what is there underneath our issues or symptoms. It is from this place that we can begin to truly look at and address them.

2) Tune into your body

What can you feel? There will be some tension, emotions, aches & pains, stress, heaviness etc somewhere in the body. All of those, along with anxiousness, bad quality sleep, emotional eating, dis-functional body systems etc are all ways for our body to communicate with us. Are you listening? Be open to feeling your body as “ The body is the marker of all truth”  – Serge Benhayon.

3) Take responsibility & deepen your expression

If someone has done or said something that makes you feel hurt, sad, annoyed, upset, angry, go into jealousy or comparison, or brought up any other form of reaction – look at your part in this. Could it be that your reaction comes from an underlying hurt in your body being triggered? This is worth considering as if you heal the underlying hurt, you won’t react anymore. What are the particular circumstances reflecting to you? Are you allowing whatever is hurting you to happen? If what has been said or done did not feel like it was coming from a loving or caring place, consider that this may need to be expressed.

4) No intense analysis – come back to surrender and feeling

DON’T try to work it out from your mind especially if you are in reaction – it won’t work! When we lose our inner-connection, we can quickly get stuck or lost with repetitive thoughts and go nowhere. It is very difficult to get a true feeling of what is going on for us from our mind when we are in reaction. From steps 1, 2 and 3 – clarity will gradually and naturally come.

5) Be open to support – from you and others

This may come in the form of talking and sharing what is happening and how you feel with a trusted friend, creating space for some “me time”, re-connecting with yourself with the Gentle Breath Meditation, enjoying a gentle yoga practise or maybe seeing a practitioner for a healing session. When we open up to support it is always there. It may not always come in the form we expect it, but it will be there.

As we return to a greater level of connection with our body and inner presence, our ability to hear and listen to the messages from the body increases and our understanding deepens. With this we can address more easily the root cause of our symptoms and ways of life that cause us harm and suffering – either mentally or physically. As we heal and clear the underlying causes of the symptoms/issues, those symptoms/issues will NOT resurface anymore because there will be nothing (no source) to create them in the first place – this is the key.

The process of true healing goes hand in hand with developing self-love.

As we start to deepen how we relate with ourself, applying basic self-care routines, refining our rhythm and exploring self-nurturing, we gradually open up to self-love. It is during this process that the underlying root causes of all our ”ills and woes” (held in our bodies) become exposed for what they are and a choice to heal them is being offered.

Ultimately, healing is a natural part of a way of life where we leave no rock unturned and choose to open up to true health and wellbeing.

Written by Donna Nolan and Alexandra Plane. Contact them