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Tutorials and resources

  • Available at

This is an information hub that contains documentation and tutorials for our theme. This offers a lot of support.

  • Forum is available at

If at any time we are confused or having trouble then we can post a new topic in my sitemyway forum and the support team will get back to us  shortly.

  • Footer of our website

look in the footer of our website and there are lots of examples of pages that we can look at for reference.

  • Also – we should remember to ask one and another, and if stuck ask we can always consult Johny/Rebecca for support ( to be done sensibly as we will have to pay for this)

Website back up

When making changes on website

It is of paramount importance that backup are done BOTH prior to any work done on the website ( i.e maybe when you log in), AND once the work as been done (i.e maybe when you log off)

How to make a backup

  • log in
  • Go to  Dashboard ( top selection on left column)
  • Select “Tools”  ( down on left column) and from there click on “backup”
  • On backup page, go to section “Backup Options” (second one)
  • At the question “What to do with the backup file”,  select “Download to your computer”, and then click on button “backup now!”

where to save our web site backups, and back up name

save file under Dropbox/Y&H/IT/website backup

Back up file are usually automatically name something like yoyo7279_yogalive_wp_[date of backup i think]_921.sql.gz

Rename the file by adding at the begining the year, month , day and time of back up, [yymmdd] [hour] [am or pm].  Example, a back up done on the 01 June 2013 at 7am will be renamed

“130601 7am -yoyo7279_yogalive_wp_20130531_921.sql.gz”

Automatic back up

Elegance theme allows to schedule regular automatic back up

  • log in
  • Go to  Dashboard ( top selection on left column)
  • Select “Tools”  ( down on left column) and from there click on “backup”
  • On backup page, go to section “Scheduled backup” (4th down)
  • A choice of frequency is available: never, hourly, twice daily, once daily, once weekly
  • Email backup to : enter appropriate email address

Automatic backups are currently scheduled on a weekly basis, and sent to Alex (

WordPress support:

How many backups should I keep?
The general rule of thumb is to keep at least three backups and keep them in three different places or forms, like CD/DVDs, different hard drives, a thumbdrive, web disk, your e-mail account, etc. This prevents problems if a single backup becomes corrupted or damaged.



Latest copy back up

It is also important to back up our latest copy in a text editor (Notepad for PC & ?? for Mac), in case we have trouble retrieving our backups. This will save us a lot of our precious time in case of issue.

Save under dropbox/Y&H/IT /Copy backups- text format

Name file :[yymmdd] [page name] [who]

e.g latest copy for Sacred Esoteric Healing done by alex on Jun 2, 2013 was saved “20130602 7am -SEH alex .txt”

Pasting from Content from Word

When pasting content from Word:

Select content from Word

On the “edit page” of elegance theme, place mouse where you want to insert your content

Click on the “Paste from Word Button” (button with a “w” in a square). A window will appears. This is where you paste your word content, then from this window click on insert.


When use Heading, it gives google the message that it is an important section

  • Heading 1 – can only have one per page
  • Heading 2 – first setting in body text

“read more” toggle

use the following syntax

Read more or any wording you want


Sidebar tutorial

How to create a new sidebar

dashboard->Elegance (top down menu option)-> sidebar, then name your new sidebar, and save

How to create a new sidebar


Customize menu  content

dashboard-> appearance (left column)-> menus

Contact form

Use elegance short code generator.

Other useful tutorials can be found at:


Using short code generator

Embedding a Google Map


google mysitemyway

How to embed a Google Map into your WordPress site tutorials:



dashboard -> Elegance-> general settings

From there do to

  • “Custom Image Logo” and upload picture . More info:
  • “Custom Favicon” and upload picture .  More info:

 Widget text editing







For now, use format as set up by Rebecca (or we may want to check instructions on my site my way).


how to retrieve a back up?


Custom CSS

CSS, or Cascading Styles Sheets, is a way to apply style rules to HTML content

Blockquotes and Pullquotes

Fancy Boxes


Creating a heading:

highlight heading

Changing font:

not recommended



"The only form of active self-healing is in the quality of one's own presence in all that you do." Serge Benhayon