By Henrietta Chang

Appreciation is such a key ‘ingredient’ of the soup of life. It is almost like it forms the basis of the flavours and helps bring out all other flavours in the soup of life.

A little sprinkle of tenderness, a pinch or two of commitment (large pinches please, as this is another key ingredient), stir the ingredients in the pot (anti-clockwise of course),

and then a drop of appreciation (no, make that a dollop, a big one) … and a twist of acceptance… to complete the bouquet.

And how could I forget to mention it is best to use joy as the stock, as this brings so much sweetness right from the start.

The longer you let this soup simmer delicately, the more the flavours come out to be appreciated.

Be sure to stop and smell the aromas often, allow them to fill your house and homes and open the windows so all around will get to benefit too.

The great thing about this soup is that there is enough to go around for everyone, so hand out the invitations and let’s have a soup party!

Henrietta Chang (BaNat, BaBiol, MApplSci Ecol, ATMS, EPA) is a practitioner of Natural Medicine with a keen interest in science and chemistry, food and nutrition as well as body work. She loves to work with people and is actively involved in supporting the education of students up to University level.