This is a Body Awareness Meditation to support people to prepare for sleep, or if they wake in the middle of the night and have difficulties falling back to sleep.

So often we think that we can leave our day behind when we go to bed. However, the truth is that energetically how we live within our day will have a direct impact on the quality of  our sleep. As an example, if we live in a state of anxiousness or tension through our day, we take that quality with us when we go to bed. Therefore it may take longer, or be more difficult for the nervous system to quieten to allow us to have a deeply restful sleep.

The key therefore is to build a deeply nurturing and loving relationship with our body in that we hold our connection with our body and being in all that we do throughout our day. Then, when it comes time to rest and prepare for sleep, our body is ready to receive the repose that is on offer.

This 13 minute Body Awareness Meditation offers your body and being supports you to let go of nervous tension that you may be carrying from your day and to be present with all that you are feeling in your body to and to help with rest and restoration. We hope that you enjoy it!

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