In this article we would like to share with you something that we are ongoingly working on ourselves, which is building a body of love. Why would we want to do this? Because when we build love in our body, we feel more connected with ourselves, with others, we feel more at ease with life in general, in purpose and also because it feels lovely.

To develop a body of love, what is first and foremost of importance is to look after our vehicle, which is our human body. We can liken looking after our body to looking after our car. If you take care of your car, have it serviced, use the correct petrol, take care in how you are on the road, then the car will give you its maximum performance.

On the other hand, drive fast, burn out the tyres, never change the oil, don’t have it serviced, put in the wrong petrol, then the car starts to break down. You may not see the effects immediately, but over time, you see the degradation of the vehicle.

This is much like our bodies. By taking care of our body, by fuelling it with food that nourishes and supports it – not eating too much or too little, getting a good amount of sleep and rest, exercise, working and committing to life (not checking out of society), not reacting to others or situations, all of this develops a body that is fit for life and fit for love.

Not only is building a body of love about the things we do to take care of ourselves, it is very much about the ‘how’ we take care of ourselves, the quality in which we do this.  As an example, we could exercise in a way where we push ourselves to try and get maximum results, reach an outcome. When we push our body to achieve, it builds a hardness that can not only be seen or reflected in our physicality, but can also be felt on the inside.

The quality in which we do things is super important as it can be easy for us to do all the right things, tick the boxes – eat, exercise, sleep, rest, but unless everything we do this in is a quality of true connection with our inner being, it is impossible to develop a body of love and to reap the benefits that come from this.

Why not gift yourself all year around the best present possible, that is reclaim a body of love that you can enjoy for yourself and then share with others. Why not try our Body Awareness Meditation which can support you in your connection with your body as part of your building a body of love program.