February is a time of the year to pause and take stock of how we have chosen to commence the beginning of the year which will have a direct impact on how the rest of the year unfolds.  For most, the summer holidays are over, the kids have returned to school and we are back into our usual work schedules and routines.

For many people, there can be a feeling of not having “enough time”, particularly when our lives quickly become busy with work, family and social commitments and the year can already feel like it begins to run away. So how do we not fall into the old habits of getting caught up into feeling rushed, busy or anxious and rather remain steady and present with each day?

Our suggestion at Yoga & Healing is to offer yourself a program throughout February where you gift yourself a full stop moment every day  – around 10 minutes – that is set aside just for you.

By committing to this time you are offering yourself the space between you and what it is that you need to attend to. With this offering you are valuing yourself saying “I am worth this moment”. One suggestion that we would like to offer this month is practicing and exploring the Gentle Breath Meditation™ daily.

The Gentle Breath Meditation™ is a simple meditation technique. It provides the space for the body and the being to completely rest and rebalance. When we incorporate a stop moment into our day, we have the opportunity to feel a different way of being that is gentle and connected which feels lovely and can be vastly different from the usual busyness that may be your normal. Once you have this reference point in your body you can then take this connection into the rest of your day as well as into your sleep, all of which support a deepening of your daily sense of health and wellbeing. The meditation practise can be done sitting in a chair or lying down.

If you are someone who finds it difficult to find 10 minutes in your day here are some suggestions;

  • Set your alarm a little earlier
  • Put yourself to bed a little earlier
  • During your lunch break (even if it means going to the bathroom or closing the office door for those 10 minutes so you will not be disturbed!)

Even the busiest of busiest person can “find” 10 minutes in a day to dedicate to themselves if they so choose. In the end, it really comes down to how much we value ourselves and our depth of realization and acceptance of the fact that our quality of being in everything we do does matter as it affects each and everyone of us.

In the beginning there may be some restlessness and agitation all of which can contribute to finding excuses to not gift yourself with this full stop moment. This disharmony though, is not the result of the practice but has been there in your body all along and the meditation is offering you this awareness. This is supportive and important to remember and not a reason to give up.

This month we encourage you to explore developing a deeper commitment to yourself through the daily program. Feel and enjoy the accumulative effect that it has and which can be taken into the following months of the year.

Download the audio of the Gentle Breath Meditation™ here. You may like to put it onto your phone so that you have it handy for when you choose to practice. You may also like to read one of our past blogs How to Meditate.

The only way to make change in our lives is to responsibly and lovingly take the necessary steps towards the desired change. Committing to a program is a simple and efficient way to support a desired change become a new normal.

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