Everything we say, everything we do, everything we think, everything we live carries and has an affect not only on ourselves, but on everyone and everything around us. What we leave behind from the quality in which we express something in is called an energetic imprint. When we open up to the possibility of energetic imprints we soon discover that there is a deeper level of responsibility for us to hold in how we live, a realisation which at times can rock our level of comfort and call us to make changes in our lives.

We leave energetic imprints everywhere and if we choose to we can become aware of those imprints, their quality and their effect on us and everything around us – this is natural and a redevelopment of energetic awareness.

Energetically, everything is either healing or harming in life (there is no in between), or said otherwise, everything and anything is either supporting us to live in our fullness, in connection and love or keep us in emotional reaction, contraction and feeling separate.

An energetic imprint is like a blessing or a scar that we leave behind as a result of the quality of our movements. Walk with anger and you leave anger behind you. Prepare yourself in the bathroom, cook/eat your breakfast in nervous tension, disregard or anxiousness, and you leave these energetic imprints in the house behind you, for everybody else and in your body. Dress yourself, brush your hair, cream your face, shave or paint your nails with tenderness and love, and this nurturing energy will be there with you all day. Make your bed with conscious presence, care and love in the morning and this is the healing quality of energy that you will be met with in the evening as you go to bed.

It is very awakening when we open to the energetic dimension of life and simply observe, bring a curiosity to it – not from the head, rationalising but from the body, feeling. Science proved it – EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

We live in an ocean of energy and when we choose to swim in it with awareness it becomes very beautiful whilst at the same time calling for energetic responsibility and energetic integrity. This month how about exploring and playing with the possibility of energetic imprints in your everyday life? What is your contribution to the all and what energetic imprints are you leaving behind – in your body, at home, on the bus, at work, as you send an email, on the road … the list goes on and on.

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