Deepening the quality of our expression is a work in progress for all of us and can sometimes even be a sensitive topic when there has been a history of “holding back”.  On that basis it is important that we are gentle and allowing with ourselves as our awareness around expression increases and our commitment to express more fully deepens as we may not always get it right in addition to experiencing some stumbling blocks along the way.

Expression comes in many forms and is not restricted to what we verbally say. Rather expression encompasses how we move, how we dress, the way we relate with others, how we write, how we talk, how we drive, exercise … the list goes on.

A wise man once said “expression is everything” (Serge Benhayon) and we at Yoga & Healing certainly have come to realise that this is indeed the case. We are always expressing and that expression – which comes first from our body – can be either in a way where we bring our whole, or it can come with an element of holding back.

So what does it mean to express in full?

Each and every one of us has an essence that is divine. This divine quality is the undeniable preciousness and fullness that our young children and babies are so naturally emanating and reflecting to us. It is our key responsibility as adults to re-connect with the qualities of our essence and express from these qualities – when they have been lost over time.

Holding back in our expression is a rejection of ourselves and a contraction where we are not appreciating the amazingness of the qualities that we all have to offer.

When our expression is contracted, our family, friends, work colleagues all miss out on both the loveliness of what it is that we bring and the reflection back to them of the wholeness that they themselves are.

When we express in full we are offering the world a reflection that we are divine, that we are more than the individual self, that we come from something so much more, that we are all equal. Expressing in full is not about being uppity or full of ourselves, it is simply our natural way to express and a quality of expression that holds everyone equal and in love. Many of us have moved so far away from true expression that it can seem a bit unreal and a bit of a leap to return to such quality.

So how to we go about expressing in full?

The place to start is in acknowledging where our quality of expression is at – with both absolute honesty and responsibility.

Spending time daily appreciating the innate qualities that you have – you may notice that you bring a warmth and people feel at ease with you, or you may have a graceful way of moving. You may have a cheekiness that others simply adore.

Being with the quality of your movements. When we hold back the associated tension and contraction can all easily be seen and felt in the body. We may experience a tightness in some areas of the body, tension, a lump in your throat, hot flushes… the body will always work with us and tell us if we are holding back.

By bringing more awareness to the quality of your movements and choosing a quality of movement that allows a sense of spaciousness and freedom to be felt from within, we find a way of being in our body that is true to us, unique, never imposing and supportive for our full expression.

Observing how you dress, what you wear and why?
On a daily basis, do you dress in a way so that you go unnoticed, or do you dress a in a way that expresses you and your essence?

How do you go about your daily chore activities?
Is there a sense of feeling flat as you go about these activities that they become part of your daily grind. Could we pose that they really only are a grind because of a choice to not bring your whole to them?

What is the tone of your voice?
Are you speaking with your natural voice or do you calibrate the pitch and tone of your voice according to who you are speaking to? What quality do you feel is there in the way you speak?

As everything is expression, we can playfully and responsibly look at every aspects of our life to see how we are expressing. Exploring our expression with a fine tooth comb is a deeply revealing and healing exercise, a useful exercise to develop our expression in full, and one that significantly supports more harmonious relationships in our life.

And why would we want to express in full?
A better question may be why wouldn’t we? When we express in full, we feel that our movements are not individual, that they are part of the whole, they are part of the universe and that our role in life is much grander than the individual self.

Expressing, walking YOU is great medicine. Holding back our expression keeps us small. Now why would we want to do that?

As an extension of this sharing around expression we warmly encourage you to look at the latest episode on Serge Benhayon TV covering the topic of Domestic Violence.

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