We are all in relationship all of the time – nothing new shared here. Regardless of whether we are single or in a partnership, we are all always in relationship – with friends, work colleagues, people who serve us at the shops, those we meet socially etc.

But what are relationships for? What is their offering?

So often relationships are sought as a means to fulfill something that we are missing inside ie. we seek from someone (outside of ourselves), that which we (ourselves) don’t fulfil from within. And then more often than not, we get hurt or disappointed when that person does not meet our expectations (or needs), which also more often than not, we have not honestly looked at (i.e taken responsibility for), shared or expressed openly with the other in the first place.

The person that “we love” now becomes that person “we have angry thoughts about.” And we see this play out in relationships all of the time. The roller coaster ride of the highs and lows – and we call this love, when in truth, love has no highs or lows, and rather unconditionally offers someone the space to be themselves, without imposing upon them. Perhaps this is a different view from the ‘emotional love’ that is so often sought after.

But let’s get back to what the true purpose of relationship is. Rather than using relationships as a means to seek from another to fulfil our needs or the emptiness that may be inside us, think of relationships as constellations ie. each person in my life is there for a learning, growth and evolution. It is not about going into individuality and the “what can I get out of this relationship?” but rather about connecting to the greater potential of what is there between the two of you.

If we were to look at relationships as potentials and consider why people are in our life, we would soon see our choice to start taking responsibility for our side of the relationship and perhaps have less ‘issues’ with people as we realise that those “issues” are actually offerings constellated for us to learn from. This would change everything.

Indeed if we were to live in a way where we would ask ourselves with every person we meet “why is this person really in my life?”, “what is the potential offered here?” then wouldn’t our relationships all be exploratory, purposeful and forever deepening?

A person may reflect to you certain patterns or behaviours that you may not have yet healed within yourself. Or they may reflect a potential that you have not yet dared embrace (said yes to), they may confirm to you the awesomeness that you really are, or there simply might be work to be done together to serve humanity. Ultimately the purpose of all relationships does not stop at the individual level and is much grander.

When we start to see ALL our relationships as having purpose they become bigger than just us and the other person. We realise they are worth bringing our all to them (or rather we realise our responsibility to do so). We open up to the magic that is there to unfold between people and in this way we activate our relationships as a powerful tool for evolution.

For a deeper study and reflection on relationships we recommend you to explore the following article on www.unimedliving.com Relationships are always about evolving – the key to making relationships work

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