Last week, Yoga & Healing participated in the Esoteric Therapies stand at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney.  Over the 4 days, we offered as a group of Esoteric Practitioners 400 complimentary Esoteric Healing sessions. What an amazing experience this was.

The word ‘esoteric’ refers to our inner-most or inner-heart, a place within that when re-connected to naturally unfolds us back towards a way of life that is based on love and harmony with all.

As such the Esoteric Healing sessions were a hands on healing support for people to re-connect to that which they already are – an offer for them to deeply feel themselves and their inner-heart.

This connection with self for some may had not been felt in their bodies for a very long time (perhaps since being a child).

We witnessed people getting on the table with a certain energy: nervousness, anxiousness, sleeplessness, back pain, shoulder pain, adrenal fatigue – you name it, people had it.  And after their 20 minute Esoteric Healing session it was incredible to see the difference in those same people as they got off the table. The look in their eyes, how they moved their body (the quality of their movements), the sense of connection with self, their feedback – all was a gift for us to receive.

Comments from people coming off the tables were made such as “I feel amazing, I could go home now” or “wow, what was that? I feel incredible”.

Our response to that being “that is feeling you – reconnecting to you.  That loveliness is always there, it is often covered up because of the things we take on in our days – whether that be getting too racy, becoming emotional, feeling stressed or simply having too much to do. When you begin to bring gentleness back into your life, then there is an opportunity for you to feel and bring the real you, gradually more and more, into all aspects of your life”.

The 20 minute hands on healing sessions allowed people to experience a very real marker in their body as to what life can feel like, going forward, when making the choice to live in connection with self.

We are looking forward to as a group to offering Esoteric Healing sessions again as part of the Esoteric Therapies stand at the next Mind Body Spirit Festival at Home Bush in April next year.

For further information about Esoteric Healing visit our Esoteric Healing page. To book an Esoteric Healing session with us, please visit our Contact Us page.

Donna Nolan and Alexandra Plane offer Esoteric Healing sessions in Balmain (Sydney Inner West), Cammeray and Balgowlah. Contact us