I have been pondering of late about what I do for a living (Yoga and Esoteric Healing) and feel grateful to share what I love and am passionate about with others.

So what is Yoga and Healing and why are they important and how can they work together?

The word ‘Yoga” means union (our connection) and is about how we live moment–to-moment to bring a quality of presence that is harmonious to our self and then to others. It’s about the choices we make and the energy we choose to live from that brings about a living state where we start to experience who we really are  – the’ real me’.

From my experience, the ‘real me’ is one where I am free from conforming to certain belief systems or ideals. As an example being free from conforming to the should’s and should nots because we have been led to believe that this is the way it is. Free  from having to be a certain way to fit in but to experience a sense of connection with my body in all that I do and where I am able to express what I am feeling from my body. Where I can start to experience a state of joy and even wonder. Not that I can hold this all of the time, but day-by-day as I choose to be the ‘real me’ this continues to grow and deepen. Perhaps one day, I will experience yoga in all that I do… this is my goal in life anyway.

“Healing” is about bringing honesty to how we have been living and then making different choices to support ourselves. When we start to shine a light on those things that keep us from being the ‘real me’, we can start to heal them. For example, if I notice that I consistently feel upset when a friend acts in a certain way – could it be that I need to look a bit deeper as to why I am reacting the way I am? Rather than always blame the other person as it is their fault, what if I took self-responsibility as to how I react? Could there then be room for healing?

I have experienced that the more that I am able to work on those things in my life that need healing, the more I am able to start to live “Yoga”. This is why I love what I do – Yoga and Healing, they go hand-in-hand.

Donna Nolan teaches Yoga and assists people in their healing via the Esoteric Therapy modalities and Massage. She teaches and has a clinic in Cammeray and in Balgowlah (Northern Beaches) and also takes yoga classes at Warriewood (Northern Beaches). Contact Donna at donna@yogaandhealing.com.au