Life Is Medicine

Life is Medicine


“Our greatest form of medicine is to live as who we truly are”
Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings and Revelations” p570

Often we think of medicine as a drug we take or a medical treatment we might receive when we feel sick to get better. However is this all there is to medicine? What if we were to view medicine in a different light, and started to open up to the fact that medicine is not only something that can be taken in a pill, but that our greatest dose of medicine actually is in all the daily choices that we make in how we live.

As an example, good medicine can be in the loving way we prepare ourselves for our day, the way we go about our interactions with others, the way we eat, sleep and get up, the way we exercise, the way we work. In fact, each movement that we make if done with conscious presence (the mind and body working together) offers the opportunity of good medicine. That is, the way in which we are with ourselves in our every action, inaction, movement, word, thought can either deepen our connection to our body and ourselves or be done on autopilot, in disconnection. The first is good medicine, the second is not.

HOW we live either heals or harms us.  Everything we do, think, feel or say and how we move in life affects us (and all those around us), being either ‘good medicine’ or ‘bad medicine’. What medicine are you choosing to live?

We are super joyful that Serge Benhayon will be returning to Sydney on Sunday 11th September to further present on the topic of “Life is Medicine” at The Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific. This day will be a two-part event that is dedicated to you, your connection and your healing – an opportunity to learn and develop simple and practical tools to know how to live your own good medicine every moment of the day.

In the morning, world-renowned philosopher and health practitioner, Serge Benhayon will be presenting, following with an afternoon that offers you the opportunity to experience the more practical aspects of healing through the modalities of; Sacred Esoteric HealingGentle Breath Meditation, Esoteric Yoga and True Movement.

This is a healing day that is not to be missed and we highly recommend that you book your tickets early. Click here for more information about this event or download flyer.

Alexandra Plane and Donna Gianniotis offer Yoga/Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Esoteric therapies and Massage. Contact us for enquiries or bookings.

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"The only form of active self-healing is in the quality of one's own presence in all that you do." Serge Benhayon