In our last two articles we have explored on the topic of Love. Here we continue with Part 3 our final article presenting What is Love.

You may like to re visit What is Love – Part 1 and Part 2 before reading ahead.

Let’s pick this article up where we left with the question of

So how do we hold ourselves in love?

The first thing to remember is that we are already love. It isn’t a state that we need to arrive to or achieve. If feeling the love that we already are is not your day to day experience, it is worth reminding yourself (or open to the possibility) that the love is there. And how do we do this?

As discussed in our previous article on this topic, we are born with and in love. This love doesn’t go anywhere, rather for most of us it gets covered up with our ‘stuff’ that stops us from feeling the love that is always there. You may like to read more on this topic in our article Healing our Hurts.

Another point to remember is that for many of us when we are not feeling great we tend to seek love from outside of ourselves. This is the key mistake as we cannot find it in another, or from anything else outside, it can only be found within.

Therefore to feel the love that innately resides within, we must bring our focus back to our body, back to ourselves and not seek it from anything that is outside of us.

Our body is made up of particles that comes from the universe and from within our body lies an innate wisdom, an innate intelligence which is so often not felt or acknowledged.

Our body is the vehicle which houses our being therefore the way we take care of it is going to influence how we feel – greatly so.

Too often the way in which we treat our body is overlooked with more emphasis given to the thinking mind. However, it is our body which holds the key to access the love that we are. Therefore it is how we treat our body, how we tend to it and care for it which provides the bridge for us to feel the depth of what lies within our inner most, which is love.

Therefore the way in which we move is super important as it is our movements that determine our alignment –  to love or not.

If we move in a way that is harsh and not honouring, then we feel a force in our body that is not equal to the love that already resides within, therefore we do not feel the love.

If we choose to move in a way that is gentle, tender and delicate and we focus our bodies movements so that our mind and body are together in unison in all that we do (conscious presence), then it is this quality of movement that aligns us to feeling and reconnecting to the love that we already are.

It is also important to remember here that our movements are not just our physical movements, but our intent, our thoughts and actions. Ultimately everything is a movement.

We can therefore see the simplicity in choosing love, it does not just come from trying to be love or from another, it comes from a quality of movement from our body which allows us to feel and access what is already within, we are just re-connecting to it and letting it out.

So you can see that seeking love from another is so far from the truth of what love is. It is never outside of ourselves, it is within.

When we reconnect back to this love and feel it for ourselves, can we then share it with others knowing that they too are this same love. And by you having reconnected to the love that you are, offers a reflection to others for them too to feel this for themselves.