We are into March and we have had a change of season. Observing the change in season reminds us that life is never static and that there will always be change. What we have found is that the more connected we are, then life can have its ebbs and flows, yet we can remain centred and still amongst the busyness of what goes on without being affected by our external circumstances.

The more we focus on deepening our inner quality of being the more we are equipped to handle what comes our way in work, relationships and friendships. We can foster the deepening of our inner connection in every moment through our quality of movement.

So what have we been up to personally…

Donna has been super busy taking on a new role of teaching massage with Evolve College both in Newcastle and Sydney which is involving a bit of travel. She is now also offering Massage at the North Sydney clinic along with Esoteric Healing, Connective Tissue Therapy, Cancer support and Yoga Therapy.

Alex is currently completing further studies in Chakra-puncture with Evolve College. As an existing Chakra-puncturist, she has been amazed by the high level of standards of training offered by this college. She has been refining her way, settling in a new family rhythm with also taking a support role at the North Sydney clinic and resuming school activities with her daughter starting year 2.

Donna and Alex have recently both been up to Lismore to complete their first level training in Esoteric Yoga. Esoteric Yoga is a profound healing modality that we hold very dear and look forward to sharing with you all in the near future.

Although there may be some times in our lives when we have a lot going on it is important to keep a balance of work and play, recognising that every part of our life has equal value. There is a saying we often refer to “One life, One quality”.

When we truly nurture all aspects of our expression we are less likely to feel stress, resentment or frustration. Bringing balance into our lives is a key to true health.

We hope that you enjoyed the free yoga audio that we offered in our last newsletter. Many have expressed how much they have been finding both the sample class and the body awareness audios supportive in their day to day – so we decided to offer another free yoga audio which includes 16 minutes of standing exercises.

If you are enjoying these audios and find it difficult to get to one of our yoga group classes, you may like to consider joining our online yoga classes. An audio recording is available for those who can not attend the class live or who may miss a class.

Alexandra Plane and Donna Nolan offer Yoga/Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Esoteric Healing and Massage at their clinic in Balmain and Cammeray. Contact them for enquiries or bookings.