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Free Yoga Audio – our gift to you for 2017- 2018 season


This is a free 17 minute simple yoga class which starts lying on your side and moves to finishing on your back – our gift to you.

Offer yourself the gift of reconnecting with you with this short session of gentle movements for your body.

To fully enjoy and to get the most benefit from this class, prepare how you set yourself up by lying on your side on a mat or carpeted floor, have support for underneath your head, a blanket if it is cold. Take a few minutes to connect to your body and your breath before commencing this audio.

As a precursor to this class, you may also like to do the Body Awareness Meditation.

We offer regular live online yoga classes/courses. Click here for more information.

Note: This class is a simple and gentle yoga session accessible to all. In the event of existing injury and/or medical condition, please take into consideration any recommendation from your primary care physician and be discerning if the physical movements and exercises offered here are appropriate for you. Listen to your body, enjoy and let yourself be guided what your body feels.

Further yoga class audio’s available for purchase

If you have enjoyed this audio, further yoga class audio’s are available for purchase

  • Core strength – 20 minutes
  • Yoga in standing – 16 minutes

The cost per audio is A$25 and are available for you to download and use as many times as you like.

Please contact us or phone 0408 783187.

  1. Kate Burns
    Kate Burns12-19-2017

    Oh ladies this is a beautiful gift. Thank you Yoga and Healing. The movements felt gorgeous.

  2. Vanna Lockwood
    Vanna Lockwood12-27-2017

    Thank you Donna and Alex. I am loving this class and it’s just what I need to keep me moving over the holidays.

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