In this article, we continue on from the topic we explored in our last blog on “our thoughts”.

In part 1 which we recently published Our thoughts – how to change them”  we discussed how behind every thought there is an energy first and as such every thought we have comes with a specific quality and affect on our body, health and wellbeing. From there we also revisited how to change the quality of our thoughts or thinking – ultimately we need to change the quality of our movements.

At the core of being able to have a quality of harmony with our thoughts is a deep level of care for our body and an ongoing developing or deepening of love for ourselves. This includes an attentiveness, an honouring and a forever growing sense of responsibility brought to the following key pillars of health: our quality of sleep, food, exercise, relating with others, commitment to life and the management of our emotions and reactions.

In this article, we are sharing our other top tips to support true mental health.

Observe your thoughts 

As you develop conscious presence in your body, you will become increasingly aware of your every thought and their specific affect on your body. This new awareness can feel a bit intense and overwhelming at the beginning, but as you learn to simply observe your thoughts and not get identified with them, a clarity and freedom is experienced.

Change your movements – Gentleness, Delicacy, Presence

If a thought erodes, disturbs or distracts you in any way, don’t try to talk or rational yourself out of it, it does not work. Change your movements – reconnect to your body, move gently, delicately, bring your full presence to what is in front of you, check your posture, feel the tone of your voice, reconnect to purpose …

“Not true, I am not listening” 

A simple practice we use and share with our clients is to “call out” any thought that does not hold harmony, love, stillness or truth in it. Telling yourself from a place of connection with your body “not true – I am not listening” can be an effective way to develop an absoluteness with not entertaining any dis-harmonious thought.

Re-connect to Stillness

Our nature is love and stillness. Any thought holding a stimulating, distracting, disturbing or checking out quality is ultimately taking us away from our presence, our essence – or in other words sabotaging our connection with Stillness. Esoteric Yoga, also called The Yoga of Stillness, is one of our favourite ways to reconnect to the stillness within and learn how to live in day-to day life with and from stillness.

There comes a point in life where everything in you does not want to settle for less anymore in terms of quality of thought, thinking and mental space. When you reach that point of healing, a new level of awareness and responsibility is felt in regards to the type of thoughts one allows and entertains in their head.

Ultimately, again, as our energetic awareness develops, we come to realise that it is the quality of our movements that determines the quality of our thoughts.

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